Good Eats at Shaky Beats (2018)

Sadly, Shaky Beats 2018 has been over for about a week now and we are still craving the delicious food we had the opportunity to try at the festival. It’s honestly got my stomach growling just thinking about all the good festival eats us Concert Hoppers devoured over the weekend. Here are some of our favorite on-site food vendors from the weekend and what we got from them!

King of Pops – 4.0 :  King of Pops really dialed into the Rick and Morty craze this year by coming out with a limited edition matcha lemonade flavor pop for Shaky Knees and Shaky Beats this year. Their pop was more on the lemonade side of things to me, the matcha wasn’t very intense so it was incredibly refreshing to grab one after hanging out with Roochute Ron during Ookay (LIVE) on Saturday. They also brought along some of their famous cream pops, one of them being the Banana Pudding Pop. It’s absolutely to die for. They somehow get the perfect consistency with the Vanilla Wafers in the pop and it’s out of this world good. You can never going wrong spending five bucks at King of Pops.


Mac the Cheese Truck – 3.3 : Mac the Cheese Truck visits various festivals around Atlanta with their infamous Mac N’ Cheese recipes. We had the BBQ Mac that was loaded down with pulled pork, pimento cheese and pickles. It was a rad way to start the day on Saturday. It’s definitely a hefty amount of food, so it’s something you want to get before you start your big day at a festival or in between sets when you sit down to relax with some friends.

Pizza – 3.1 : You can never go wrong with a slice of pie. Shaky Beats had a Pizza vendor situated in the Vendor Village that was slinging delicious pies all weekend. We were able to grab a slice on our way out of the festival one night and it was the best decision we have ever made. Pizza is usually easy and something you can definitely grab really fast in between sets. We even saw several people ordering whole pizzas to take back to the meadow in front of the Peachtree Stage to share with friends. If coming back to your friends with a large pizza for the headlining set doesn’t say festy family for life, I don’t know what does.


Island Noodles – 3.0 : Island Noodles is a wok fried noodle tent and you definitely get a big bang for your buck here. Both options are the same price, just slightly different. You can have noodles with veggies or Noodles with veggies and teriyaki chicken. For ten bucks it’s definitely a hefty amount of noodles too! People were raving about their noodles, which got me interested in what the hype was about. I was able to grab some noodles and sit in the shade for Seven Lions and I definitely didn’t regret my decision. Island Noodles can be seen popping up at festivals in the Atlanta area throughout the year.  

Five Finger Philly – 2.8 :  Five Finger Philly is a philly cheese steak truck that was tucked away in the corner of Vendor village. They offered a wide array of cheese steak sandwiches, but we went with the OG. Just the regular philly cheese steak. It was definitely worth needing to sit down to eat it. This is also something that is good for when you need to have a break with some friends and just relax in the shade during a set.


                Honestly, there isn’t a single bad food truck at Shaky Beats. It’s just a matter of having time to try them all in between sets. With a lineup so stacked with amazing talent, it’s hard to make yourself get out of the crowd and get something to eat sometimes. But, all that means is we will have the opportunity to try new foods at next year’s festival.  Concert Hopper can’t wait to dive into more good eats and get shaky with you again next year!