Our Mission

We share our live music experiences and the lessons we learned along the way, all while promoting what we love. We are here to assist other concert hoppers in their pursuit of live music and to encourage them to get involved in the music community 

It all started back in 2013 when Taryn Balwinski wanted an outlet to document her concert experiences. As the readership grew, she thought it would more beneficial to the readers if ConcertHopper.com published content by a diverse team of music lovers from different music scenes. ConcertHopper.com continues to grow and we are always open to adding more contributors to our team and as well as other live music related projects. Contributors to ConcertHopper.com have a platform for their work without having to maintain a website on their own.


  • Given writers and photographers a platform for their work.
  • Produced free community events, such as Make Music Chattanooga and Music Merch Mall.
  • We have promoted hundreds of live music events.
  • Introduced our followers to street teaming, volunteering, and other perks; saving them hundreds of dollars on tickets and travel.

Live music is the soundtrack to life.