Twelve Days of Roo Clues: Part 2 (Clues 7-12)


Bonnaroo Welcome back folks! Now that Christmas is over, and we have all of our #RooClues in order, let's go over the last 6 and try to figure them out. If you haven't already, read Part 1 here. The last batch had some of the easiest I've seen this year. However, a few still have me quite stumped. Others say they have them all solved, but I beg to differ. You will have to decide for yourself.

Clue 7-


Audio:  "Watch out at midnight."

This one is undoubtedly Trampled By Turtles. One of their newer songs is titled "Midnight on the Interstate." Could it get much easier than this? No others came close. Clue 7 solved.

Clue 8-  


Audio:  "Getting back to our Roots"

Many people have just up and decided this is Flume. I beg to differ. While this may be right, my argument here is this: Bon Iver! The "root" of the word Bonnaroo= Bon. "Flume" is a Bon Iver song. I mean come on people. Anyways, how is Flume "getting back to our roots"? Makes no sense. Others have suggested it being The Dead, but I'm calling this one to be Bon Iver. Say Flume all you want, we'll see who was right in a couple months. The play on words is classic Bonnaroo.

Clue 9- 


Audio: "Don't be afraid to see what you see."  Ronald Reagan quote from his farewell address.

This one is almost as cut and dry as the Clue 7.  Reagan quote, Mrs. Regan, The War On Drugs.  Others have suggested Cold War Kids, but I think The War On Drugs is the answer here.

Clue 10-


Audio:  "Someone needs a bath."

This was one of the most debated clues of the last batch.  The consensus seems to be Death Cab for Cutie.  Close runner ups were Cradle of Filth and Bombay Bicycle Club.  Personally I'm hoping for Death Cab.  Everyone is beginning to list them as the answer but I'm still not 100%.  Here is a snippet of superfurryanimal's post on inforoo concerning it:

Somewhat Logical Guesses So Far: Death Cab for Cutie: - Cars R Coffins T-shirt clearly ties to the band name - Babies are cuties. Sometimes? - Radio clue might lead to lyrics in two songs. "No Sunlight" and "When Soul Meets Body." - The baby appears to have a rash/measles with could lead to his song "Summer Skin." - Talk of a new album and tour in 2015 Bombay Bicycle Club - T-shirt is from a popular biking company. - Radio clue could tie into the song "Rinse Me Down." Cradle of Filth - Strait forward connection to picture and clue. - Playing a few fest this Summer already.

Most fingers point to Death Cab.

Clue 11- 


Audio:  "Ariel's Trusty Advisor"

Bonnaroo must have decided we were getting too confused on the first batch because they seemed to have made these way easier.  Consensus for this one was Belle & Sebastian.  Once again I quote superfurryanimal:  

 Reasoning: - Belle and Sebastian have a song called "Enter Sylvia Plath." - Plath has stories called Bell Jar & Ariel. - Ariel's trusty adviser in The Little Mermaid is Sebastian.

Case closed.

Clue 12-


Audio:  "One of our favorite co-workers, he's spent some time in the garden."

The consensus here is Robert Plant, for obvious reasons. For me, this was another open and shut case. Seems the biggest brain-busters were in the first batch of clues. What do you think?

With that, RooClue season is officially over as well as 2014 campers! You know what that means right? We are only a couple months away from knowing the official lineup for Bonnaroo 2015! Combine the RooClues and all the other general confirmations/rumors and we are looking to have quite the line up. Keep it on, and for the latest in all things Bonnaroo!

Happy New Year!