UnderOath 5/12/2018 Niagara Falls, NY

Originating from Tampa, Florida, Underoath holds strong with the release of their eight album Erase Me. Forming in November 1997, the band has seen a kaleidoscope of members and have fallen into labels such as christian hardcore, metal core and screamo. The current lineup features members Aaron Gillespie, Christopher Dudley, Timothy McTague, Grant Brandell, Spencer Chamberlain and James Smith. Underoath returns with a slew of captivating choruses and maniacal moshpits. The duo of Chamberlain and Gillespie is all too familiar as the band revisits familiar favorites and grabs the attention of fans, both new and old, with new impassioned songs. The most obvious change of Underoath has been the elimination of their Christian title and lyrical changes, but not in a bad way. The intense emotion of the road to sobriety and self discovery of ones self explained by Chamberlain, held audiences attention and raised a new level of respect for the bands decision to travel a new path. Underoath is currently on tour with Limbs, Veil of Maya and Dance Gavin Dance. 

2018Leah Dobson