Sevendust Comes Home: A recap

Sevendust played three days of shows in their home town of Atlanta on December 28th, 29th and 31st of 2018. The shows also featured Shallow Side, Madame Mayhem and Cane Hill They went back deep into their incredible catalog of music culminating in a New Year’s Eve celebration where the band played the Home album in its entirety, which has been heavily requested by the fans for a while now.

ConcertHopper was on hand for the show and this is a collection of our thoughts.

During an interview with ConcertHopper, Lajon said he wanted more effects in the show like smoke and fire and things. While there was no fire to be seen there were a lot of cool effects done with fog machines. Perhaps the easiest way to summarize the entire event was uttered by lead vocalist Lajon Witherspoon near the start of Sevendust’s set. “If you didn’t already know, you better look to your left and to your right and let that person know this isn’t a concert, this is a fucking family reunion.”

This is truly what the show felt like. Fans had come from as far away as Brazil and Australia to witness the spectacle. Person after person I met had been fans and involved in the community of fans for Sevendust for over a decade at this point. These were not casual fans for the most part, these people lived and breathed Sevendust and it was obvious the band knew it.

On top of the extended family of their fan base being present, the band had many of their family members there as well who all joined the band on stage (along with the other acts) to celebrate the countdown to 2019. There were anecdotal stories from Lajon, there was laughter, there were surprising duos and it was very awesome.

We at ConcertHopper were thrilled and honored to be present for what felt like a truly historically significant even in the awesome timeline of the Sevendust trajectory and we can’t wait to see what they do in 2019. The tour which also feature Tremonti, Cane Hill, Lullwater and Kirra kicks off in February and if you are wanting to attend, we highly recommend getting your tickets sooner rather than later as many of the shows are already beginning to sell out. You can purchase tickets for any of the dates (the first show beginning February 1st in Houston) at