The Amity Affliction Brings the Misery Tour to Atlanta

On January 29th 2019, The Amity Affliction brought their Misery Tour to Atlanta featuring Senses Fail, Belmont, and Silent Planet. Concert Hopper was on hand to take part in the spectacle and here are our thoughts.

Due to a mix up with press access, we were unable to be inside the venue for the Belmont session. The first band we got to check out was Silent Planet. Admittedly, this was an unknown artist for me. Lead singer Garrett Russell came out barefoot to the stage and crouched down as if in prayer before unleashing one hell of a performance. With lyrical content covering a range of topics from the proper treatment of the planet to support of veterans all backed by heavy and chugging riffs. This band killed it with their set!

While Senses Fail is not typically my genre of music, I was not quite sure what to anticipate from the show. In the end, I was quite pleasantly surprised. Certainly no one can proclaim that frontman Buddy Nielsen is not a showman. The show was quite dynamic, with Buddy swinging his microphone with fervor. There were jump kicks, head banging, upbeat tunes, and even a surprising cover medley featuring songs from System of a Down and Rage Against the Machine to name a few.

Finally, it was time for the main show, The Amity Affliction. The crowd was raucous, there were T-rexes crowdsurfing as the band launched into the first song of the set, “Drag the Lake”. From there it was a barrage of passionate lyrics covering topics ranging from depression to addiction. The crowd was lively, which the band seemed to be able to tell and feed off of that energy by returning the favor with an incredible performance.

Check out the Misery Will Find You Tour if it comes near you for an incredible experience. Also, check out the new Amity Affliction album Misery as well the new Senses Fail album If There is Light, It Will Find You.

*Please note that in the thumbnail image for this article it includes Bad Omens who dropped out of the tour before it started if you intend on attending at a later date and expect Bad Omens to play.