The Simulation Tour: Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin, Make them Suffer and Kingdom of Giants

The vibe outside The Masquerade in the heart of Atlanta was much the same as it was for any concert I’ve attended there ahead of the Simulation tour featuring: Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin, Make Them Suffer and Kingdom of Giants. Of the bands playing, three of them were first time experiences for me (Born of Osiris, Make Them Suffer and Kingdom of Giants) while Chelsea Grin was going to play for the third time in a calendar year that I’d gotten to see them live. The crowd was full of people reconnecting with old friends, sharing new music, past concert experiences and excitement for the show to come.

The first band to hit the stage was Kingdom of Giants who are described as metalcore in most places you look. The band has been making music since 2011 but this was admittedly my first time hearing their music. Since the show they’ve been added to my regular playlist though as they absolutely slayed their set. They have a great balance of heavy riffs, clean vocals, and guttural screaming. I highly recommend going to check them out if you get the chance perhaps even on this tour.

Next to hit the stage was the genre bending Australian band Make Them Suffer. The band has been together with interchanging parts of members. They’ve released one EP and three studio albums in that time, the latest coming in the form of a re-release of their original self released Lord of Woe album. Similar to Kingdom of Giants, Make Them Suffer has a great mixture of clean vocals, heavy chugging riffs and guttural screams. Plus, there’s even some keyboard thrown in for good measure.

One of the fun parts about preparing for Chelsea Grin to hit the stage is to enjoy watching drummer Pablo Viveros during setup. He wears a number of hats as this takes place, setting up his own drum kit. Simultaneous to this Pablo is also serving to both hype up the crowd and smile from ear to ear as the crowd shouts out their undying love for him and for the band as a whole. Once the lights go down though, pure aggression manifests itself in the band’s music as they start the show by ripping into “Playing with Fire” as the opener as the crowd screams along. From that moment where everyone is chanting along to the rallying cry of “Let’s Burn this Bastard to the Ground” the band spatters in a great mixture of older content and material off of the new Eternal Nightmare album. Eternal Nightmare is the first to feature frontman Tom Barber, formerly of Lorna Shore, whose vocals merge seamlessly with the bands heavy music and heavier content.

When the dust settled after Chelsea Grin’s performance and the chants of “one more song” died down, it was time for headlining act, Born of Osiris to take the stage. The tour was organized in support of their latest album The Simulation and the band made sure to include a heavy dose of both old and new tracks as they wailed away to the delight of the crowd. It was quite interesting to witness the band live with their dual vocalist approach with Ronnie Canizaro doing most of the screaming vocals and Joe Buras providing the clean vocals and synthesizer work. There was plenty of crowd interaction and Ronnie even made it a point to get right up into the lens of my camera at one point.

All in all the show was incredible from start to close, the crowd was great, there was plenty of headbanging, crowdsurfing, moshing and walls of death juxtaposed against the blast beats and double bass with slamming guitar riffs. The tour runs through March 17th in the United States and tickets can be purchased from Ticketmaster. For all of the tour dates for the Simulation tour please check out:

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