Rivers of Nihil, Entheos, Conjurer and Wolf King: Live at The Masquerade

It’s not very often that you gear up to go to a metal show and one of the things you are excited about is to see how the saxophone player is incorporated with the set. Nonetheless, that is precisely what took place as ConcertHopper headed to The Masquerade(Hell) for the Where Owls Know my Name tour featuring Rivers of Nihil, Entheos, Conjurer and Wolf King.

The fact that the concert took place in Hell at The Masquerade (which had three concerts running simultaneously that night) was incredible because there was no security barrier which allowed for a lot of really awesome crowd interactions which the bands were happy to get involved in. Bands were letting fans sing with them from the crowd, crowd surfers actually wound up on stage with the bands and at one point, the bass player for Conjurer hopped off of the stage, bass in tow and planted himself in the middle of the mosh pit, engaging in the ruckus while still banging out the deep grooves to the band’s songs.

The first band up was Wolf King and they put on a killer show. Many of the people around me were commenting after the set that they had never heard the band before but that they had killed it. They had a fiery energy and the lead vocalist put on a clinic of mic stand usage as a prop.

Next up was Conjurer, a UK band who came out with a lot of raw energy and a twin vocalist style that perfectly accompanied their crushing riffs. As I already covered, they were definitely not afraid to get involved in the crowd and there was plenty of moshing and circle pit action during the set.

Entheos was the next to take the stage and they were in a positive mood before the show. I had a moment to chat with Chaney, the vocalist who was excited to be playing in Hell and excited that there was no security barrier and that she could enjoy the intimate experience with the crowd up close. That’s exactly what happened as many of the crowd sung along to the songs and head banged furiously as Entheos drenched the crowd in their own brand of technical metal.

Finally, the moment had arrived for Rivers of Nihil to take the stage but not before soundchecks which included Patrick Corona, the self-described hired gun on saxophone, played some sensual “Careless Whisper” to the crowd’s delight. Throughout the show, Pat was sprinkled in with both saxophone parts, vocal involvement, and some sweet hip gyrating action. All of this blended surprisingly well alongside the wall of shredding that was pouring forth from Rivers of Nihil who absolutely tore the building down. Rivers of Nihil was one of the bands that got the fans involved with the singing. And one of those fans summarized the night’s experience in his actions well as he screamed the lyrics into the microphone while tears flowed from his eyes and afterwards he turned to his friends to exclaim that he couldn’t believe all of this was happening. I left the show feeling the same way.

The Where Owls Know my Name tour is drawing to a close with only three more shows at the time of this writing so unfortunately there’s not much time left to catch the tour. That doesn’t stop you from catching any of these amazing acts as they embark on future tours though and I highly recommend that you do so.

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