Holy Hell featuring Architects, Thy Art is Murder and While She Sleeps at Buckhead Theatre

Holy Hell… it serves as a phrase with triple meaning to those who attended the show on May 7th at Buckhead Theater featuring Architects, Thy Art is Murder and While She Sleeps. Sure Holy Hell is the name of the album that headliner Architects released last November but It’s also the name of the tour. And the third usage of the word could probably be its use an exclamation after the show was over because all three bands were phenomenal.

First to the stage was the band While She Sleeps. This ConcertHopper was excited to see them after their performance was rained out at Welcome to Rockville 2019 just two days prior and was the wait ever worth it. The band played to an already filling to capacity house who were feverish in their frenzy to enjoy the music. Lead singer Lawrence Taylor, climbed out amongst the crowd on a couple of occasions, some times just to get in amongst the fans or to point the microphone in the direction of a fan who was singing along to every word. An energetic stage show with killer tunes and all out passion was a pleasure to watch. We highly recommend you catch these guys live if you get a chance and they’ll probably love you if you have some Stella Artois around.

Perhaps a bit juxtaposed against the more upbeat nature of While She Sleeps came Thy Art is Murder with vocalist CJ McMahon in his trademark hoodie stepping to the microphone. What followed was an all out assault on the senses; the lighting, the vocals, the crushing rhythm, and all tuned to perfection leaving the audience stunned. The band shredded through hits like “Holy War” and even played their new single “Human Target” which they dedicated to a 7 year old who was headbanging through all three sets named Luke.

Finally it was time for the headlining act, Architects, to hit the stage. By this point the crowd was at a fever pitch and there was plenty of moshing and crowdsurfing. Some lucky crowdsurfers even got to fist bump vocalist Sam Carter. The light show for Architects was absolutely stunning and was an amazing compliment to the band’s musical performance. Also of note was that guitarist, Josh Middleton had to depart the tour as he was a new father and their guitar tech had to fill in which, when playing the lead guitar parts for a band like Architects is no small feat. In spite of that, the performance went off flawlessly and no one seemed to skip a beat.

So, if you want a show that is well-designed from top to bottom with plenty of crowd interaction, stop by the Holy Hell tour which runs until May 25th. Shows are on the following dates:

May 14 - Washington, DC - 930 Club
May 15 - Philadelphia, PA - Fillmore
May 16 - New York, NY - Brooklyn Steel
May 17 - 19 - Columbus, OH - Sonic Temple
May 20 - Worcester, MA - Palladium
May 21 - Montreal, QC - Mtelus
May 23 - Toronto, ON - Danforth Music Hall
May 24 - Detroit, MI - The Majestic Theatre
May 25 - Chicago, IL - Concord

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