Chaos and Carnage with Whitechapel, Dying Fetus, Revocation, Fallujah, Spite and Uncured

Chaos and Carnage is an ample name for the tour featuring Whitechapel, Dying Fetus, Revocation, Fallujah, Spite and Uncured. The tour is really almost akin to a mini-festival boasting such a robust lineup. From front to back all of the bands offered some extremely, heavy music for the fans to delight in, fraught with guitar solos and blast beats to boggle the mind.

The first band in the lineup was Uncured whose first album, Medusa was listed as one of the top 10 metal albums of 2017 by An incredible amalgamation of metal genres, the band flawlessly transition between blistering, technical riffs and then more melodic content. With an original mashup of genres, it was really not a surprise to see plenty of fans file into the venue to behold the spectacle that was Uncured.

Second up was Fallujah who would typically have filled a later slot on the billing but Buried Above Ground didn’t play the tour that evening. Fallujah, for those unfamiliar is a metal band from San Francisco, California who released their latest album Undying Light in March of 2019. Much like the lighting (which admittedly made them difficult to photograph) pounded out dark and ominous rhythms to match the guttural vocals of frontman Antonio Palermo.

Spite, who took the stage third, has labelled its fan base as the Spite Cult. The passion that earned the Spite faithful this nickname was on full display at the Atlanta stop of the tour as vocalist Darian Tehrani had been afflicted with food poisoning. This did nothing to quell the passion of the Cult though who screamed the lyrics to the band who played a completely instrumental set. It was certainly a spectacle behold and was a defining testament to the passion that music brings out in those who fall in love with it.

There are a number of bands where the lead guitar player pulls double duty as the lead vocalist, Black Label Society is one that quickly comes to mind. This was also the case for Revocation who were next on the lineup and to say that watching frontman David Davidson belt out pounding vocals while his fingers danced gracefully along the fretboard was awe-inspiring feels almost like an injustice. The amount of skill, passion and exuberance the band showed was incredible and they definitely put on a show you do not want to miss.

With a name lying Dying Fetus, the expectation for brutality is set before you ever walk through the doors of the venue. If that weren’t enough the “Wrong One to Fuck With” banners flanking each side of the stage definitely served as a punctuation mark. The words are a title of the closing track off of their 2017 studio album by the same name. Without knowing the band beforehand or seeing them onstage, you’d never suspect that there are just three members. Between the chugging bass riffs and guitar set against the blasting and furious drum beats you have the combined vocal efforts of bass player Sean Beasley beside guitarist John Gallagher (who also amazing played drums in the band between 1991-1994) comes the furious sound that was co-headliner, Dying Fetus.

Finally it was time for the final band of the night, Whitechapel. The Knoxville-based group is coming fresh off of the release of what could arguably be the most personal album to frontman Phil Bozeman, The Valley which released in March of 2019. While there had been a sneak peek at Bozeman’s clean vocal abilities previously on the song Bring Me Home off of the Mark of the Blade album, you get much more of a front row seat, right off of the bat as the band opened with When a Demon Defiles a Witch. From there on it was more of what fans of the band have grown used to, an all out assault on the senses as the band slammed through fan favorites along side several selections from the new album, all set to the world-class vocals of Bozeman.

Unfortunately this tour wrapped up on May 17th but we strongly encourage you to check out any of the bands who played any time they come near you for a show.

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