Steel Panther with Wilson and True Villains

Marathon Music Works in Nashville played host to quite the spectacle recently as Steel Panther rolled into town bringing their own specific brand of parody 80s metal to the venue. Even early, the buzz from the crowd was at an 11 as they waited for the raucous good time ahead of them. Behind the lens of the camera, ConcertHopper was ready to take it all in and share it with you.

True Villains, Nasvhille natives, were the first on stage. They were welcomed by a crowd who was already rowdy and prepared to greet the hometown act into the party. The band didn’t disappoint as they took to the stage with their unique yet, somehow still classic-sounding, merging of styles like Southern Rock and late-70s to early 80s hard rock.

Wilson was second to take the stage. ConcertHopper had already been exposed to them, thanks to their performance at Welcome to Rockville, and so we knew that their hybrid blending of genres would get the crowd pumped and ready before Steel Panther took the stage. As anticipated, the band did not disappoint, jamming out some of their hits like “Fuck Up My High” and “Summertime Treat” to the delighted audience.

Through a wall of red lights and smoke, the shadowy figures of the members of Steel Panther took to the stage to a thundering uproar from the crowd who had been waiting all night for the show’s biggest guest to show up. To those already familiar with Steel Panther, they there in for a tongue-in-cheek homage to 80s hair metal; fraught with blistering guitar licks and drum work, set to comedic lyrics, and that’s exactly what everyone got. Fun breaks for jokes to be told and for requests and pleas from the band to women in the crowd to expose their breasts to be made. For their song “Tiger Woods”, they brought a fan, dressed as Tiger Woods himself (of course!) up on the stage to partake. This typified their entire show, a party atmosphere where the fans were treated a lot like family and close friends, and where the jokes were frequent.

The tour is strolling, rolling, and will hit the following dates and cities:

June 1- Norfolk, VA

June 8- Minneapolis, MN

June 14- Barrie, Canada

June 15- London, Canada

June 17- Thunder Bay, Canada

June 18- Winnipeg, Canada

June 20- Saskatoon, Canada

June 21- Medicine Hat, Canada

June 22- Calgary, Canada

June 23- Edmonton, Canada

June 25- Grand Prairie, Canada

June 25- New Orleans, LA

Then Steel Panther departs overseas to continue their touring. Find tickets at

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Richard Davenport