New Found Glory-From The Screen To Your Stereo To Your Town

New Found Glory (NFG) brings punk rock back to life with their tour “From Your Screen To Your Stereo To Your Town.” With a sold out show at Town Ballroom in Buffalo, NY, fans looking to relive those pop punk, Warped Tour days got ready to sing along to some movie classics and old school NFG favorites.

The all-female rock band from Phoenix, Arizona Doll Skin started things off an ear catching set. With haunting lyrics, old school punk rock roots, and aggressive growls, Doll Skin proved to be the band that you wished you had started with your best friends in high school. The fans responded to an almost bewitching performance with full attention as the bands energy radiated girl power.

Let’s take a second to swoon over the next act, pop punk/emo band The Early November. A veteran emo band igniting in the early 2000s, The Early November visited old classics that brought back nostalgic memories of poetic brilliance. Fans collected to the front trying to get as close as they could to singer Ace Enders while echoing verse after verse of their most cherished songs.

Real Friends was the last band up before the main event. This pop punk band blended well with the attractions in tonights show with an energetic and peppy set. Think Dashboard Confessional mixed with a Taking Back Sunday kind of vibe. The industrious energy was enough to lift everyone off their feet as the band lived up to their name, uniting fans with addictive lyrics and an all around good time.

If you’ve never heard of New Found Glory, die hard fans of the band were there to remind you that 2019 NFG can still rock like they did back in the early 2000’s . Formed in 1997, Jordan Pundik, Ian Grushka, Chad Gilbert, and Cyrus Bolooki from Coral Springs, Fl make up this OG punk rock band. The movie theater set matched the meaning behind the name of the tour with props such as a popcorn maker, ticket stand and large movie marquee design displaying the city and date. Songs from their new movie cover EP From the Screen to Your Stereo 3 along with old school NFG hits gave fans a night to remember. Opening up with “Eye of the Tiger”, fans wasted no time forming a circle pit in the center of the packed venue. Throughout the night lead singer Jordan Pundik seemed to match every movie classic song with a corresponding outfit, including the iconic blue dress and blonde wig for their rendition of “Let it Go” from Frozen. Of course along with all the movie classics, NFG didn’t forget to play the songs that fans thirsted to hear. “Understatement” from the bands album Sticks and Stones was clearly a hit with this Buffalo scene along with the raging “All Downhill” from Catalyst and finally slowing it down with the melodic lyrics of “It’s Not Your Fault” from Coming Home. The show was the perfect cornucopia of film-centric covers and favored anthems by the band who proved once and for all that punk’s not dead. Make sure to catch New Found Glory  along with Doll Skin, The Early November and Real Friends on tour this summer!