The Impact Crater Tour 2019: Featuring The Acacia Strain, Kublai Khan, and Judiciary

Typically when we think of August in the southern United States, we think of lots of things; barbecues, cook outs, ice cream and sweltering heat. The latter was what decided to rear its head on a balmy night in Knoxville, Tennessee at The Concourse on this night in August. But the heat wasn’t about to stop the people who packed themselves into the small but intimate venue for the show ahead. The Acacia Strain, Kublai Khan and Judiciary were prepared to brave the heat as well and the stage was set for what was to be an epic evening.

Judiciary was the first to take the stage after local opener Time and Eternity and Chambers. Judiciary, is a band from Texas, played an aggressive, heavy, and fast brand of metal that had the crowd roaring in appreciation. The crowd was so lively that the band said “Forget this, we’re no longer from Texas, we’re from Knoxville, Tennessee now.” All of the excitement form the audience was paid back by a band who was energetic, lively, and passionate about their music. And it showed.

Kublai Khan was another band on the bill that hails from Texas. For those unfamiliar with the hardcore band, they have a cult like following and their music hits heavy like a brick. Slow, heavy breakdowns had the crowd gasping and cheering along as the band went through its top songs eventually leading up to the crowd favorite, The Hammer. Socially conscious topics and heavy music have seen Kublai Khan lauded with praise and for those present in Knoxville that night, they saw why.

Finally the headliner was set to take the stage. Due to some unfortunate tragedies lately The Acacia Strain has found them under some scrutiny when a mass shooter was seen wearing one of the bands’ shirts. This all led to a storm of commentary that lead vocalist Vincent Bennett to release a public statement via social media on the topic. Anyone who was at the show in Knoxville would understand that the band in no way condoned what happened with the demented individual who chose to wear their shirt for his despicable actions.

Throughout the show a message of positivity and love permeated the venue. Vincent was a humble individual who preached the virtues of letting all of the negative things go in your life. He also made sure to state that the band firmly believed in touring with bands who were better than them. After the show, the singer was outside taking photos with fans who lined up to recall stories of their history over the years in their fandom with the band. If you needed further proof of the fans’ love for the band, they came bearing gifts, Patagonia shorts, and eight track cassettes of the bands’ album all made an appearance.

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