Knotfest Roadshow Brings the Metal Circus to Atlanta

Slipknot is known for being a wild and lively stage presence, a fact that has persisted across their time in the world of heavy metal. To accompany their lively stage presence and to incorporate their typical annual Knotfest show, they created the Knotfest Roadshow. Along with Slipknot, Volbeat, Gojira and Behemoth they all hit the road, eventually making a stop in Alpharetta, Georgia at Ameris Bank Amphitheater; where ConcertHopper caught all the action.

Behemoth was the first band to take the stage, bringing their brand of black metal to America all of the way from Poland. Plenty of smoke and pyro accompanied the band’s performance. Chugging through the band’s catalog of music, lead singer Nergal commanded the audience’s attention with his theatrical with everything from a mockery of the Pope’s hat to two small torches.

Next up was the French metal phenoms Gojira. With their trademark guitar riffs and blasting drum beats the crowd was feeding directly into the band’s energy. While perhaps slightly less for the theatrics, the band definitely made up for pure passion for their music and for musical skill.

All of the way from Denmark, Volbeat took the stage third to bring their brand of genre-merging rock and roll. Borrowing queues from rockabilly and punk rock, the band jammed their way through their list of hits, even taking time out of the set to jam some Johnny Cash.

Finally it was time for the heavy metal circus that was Slipknot to take the stage. Ahead of the show here was a new sense of excitement surrounding the band. Hot off of the heels of the release of their latest album We Are Not Your Kind and the addition of the new band member to replace to the departing Chris Fehn, affectionately known as Tortilla Man by fans.

For those unaccustomed to Slipknot live, they were in for a treat. A mixture of pyrotechnics, high energy stage antics that involve climbing on and jumping off of anything they could find along with their patented moving drumsets that hovered loftily above the stage. The packed crowd was in a frenzy by the end and everyone had an incredible time.

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