Mempho Fest Drops Massive 2019 Lineup


Mempho Music Festival at Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, Tennessee has dropped a massive lineup for their 2019 festival. Mempho Music Festival offers an eclectic lineup that is reflective of the music tastes and interests that flourish in the Memphis scene. Mempho Music Festival is just a few years old and within a few short years their lineups have boasted some of the best A-list names from a wide variety of genres. The Mempho Music Festival 2019 lineup boasts some of the best artists from rock n’ roll, hip hop, and alternative music.

Mempho Music Festival curators have booked a lineup that is stacked from top to bottom with A-list artists and talented emerging indie artists. The Raconteurs, an alternative garage rock band from Michigan, will be making a headlining appearance at the festival. The Raconteurs are best known for their single “Steady as She Goes”. Other headlining performances include Brandi Carlile, Wu-Tang Clan, and The Revivalists. Attendees are more than excited to see curators of Mempho Music Festival staying true to the Rock n’ Roll mixed with hip hop roots that run deep in Memphis, Tennessee by putting The Raconteurs up against Wu-Tang Clan as two iconic headlining acts. You will not want to miss this years festival just based on the headliners alone. Moving past the headlining acts, curators at Mempho Music Festival have booked some of the best indie artists in the industry. The under card acts feature Margo Price, LovelyTheBand, Missio and Summer Avenue. The Mempho Music Festival 2019 lineup has a healthy blend of indie artists across a variety of genres and mainstream, A-list artists.

Mempho Music Festival will be taking place at Shelby Farms Park. Shelby Farms Park is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. This beautiful park that places conservancy of the area at the highest tier of importance sprawls across almost 5,000 acres. This picture-esque venue for a music festival provides attendees the opportunity to relax in nature and walk through acres upon acres of lakes and forestry all while being within walking distance from an urban area. If the lineup wasn’t reason enough to secure your tickets today, the beauty of the venue will suck you in and have you buying your tickets within seconds.

Mempho Music Festival tickets are on sale and available now so don’t miss your opportunity to secure your spot at this next level event. There are a variety of ticketing options to chose from that will grant various levels of access to the festival. General Admission tickets to Mempho Music Festival are starting at $109 and simply grant access to the general festival areas. If you’re looking to have more of an upgraded experience at the event, VIP tickets to Mempho Music Festival are available for $264. VIP Tickets include the general access to the festival, plus access to VIP tents with lounges, private restrooms, complementary Wi-Fi, access to a private VIP entrance , charging stations, and a gift bag with exclusive festival swag. If you’re feeling like a high dollar baller for the weekend, Mempho curators are offering the Super VIP tickets. Super VIP tickets include everything that VIP ticket holders have plus, a chance to select meet and greet opportunities with the performing artists and access to an exclusive on-stage viewing area at the main-stage. Super VIP Tickets are available for $479. Whichever ticketing option tickles your fancy, don’t sleep on your chance to grab tickets today. If you find yourself making last minute arrangements to Mempho Fest - don’t sweat it! You can snag a last minute hotel on HotelTonight for up to 50% off. Then, tack on the code KADMARTIN101 for extra savings. If you find yourself in need of a ride at the end of the night, download Lyft and use the promo code KADE75019 for $5 off your first ride. Or, try Uber with the promo code KADEM69UE for $5 off. As always, remember to hydrate, if you see something then say something to festival staff, and we hope to see you at a festival soon!