How to Make Friends as an Adult

Recently Vox published an article titled, “22 percent of millennials say they have ‘no friends’”. So you’re not alone in feeling alone. Even if your Instagram feed appears to be illustrating a different story.

Since you are in’s little corner of the internet, our advice on how to make friends is naturally live music centric. It works though! Nearly everyone I would consider a friend of mine, I can say that I met or reconnected with them as a result of live music, be it concerts and festivals or volunteering for music related causes.

Go see live music. 

Here’s something you are going to hear from a lot of people: Music Festivals are the answer! While music festivals are known for creating community and being a place to meet lots of people from all over in one weekend. I know many people who started or strengthened their friendships at festivals, myself included. 

But let me be completely honest with you. I attended dozens of festivals in my 20s and yes, I did make lots of friends, but they did not last. Being that they were long distance, most fizzled when we returned home. As a result, many of these festival friendships left me feeling lonelier. 

So I suggest attending local concerts, because the attendees will likely live close, and trust me you’ll start seeing the same people. 

Also try an open mic. Open Mics are great, because you get to hear live music in a low key setting, often for free, they happen weekly and you can really get to know the regulars.

Take a music class.

Taking a music lesson in a group setting is often much cheaper than taking a private lesson, sometimes even free. You’ll also have a shared goal with your fellow students. This creates opportunities for you all to hang out together outside of class while also practicing and going to concerts to see the instrument you are learning being played.

Volunteer/Street Team

This is definitely the most affordable option. Volunteering and Street Teaming equals free concert tickets. The people you will be volunteering or street teaming with will feel strong about the same music, bands, or causes as you.

Slide into the DMs 

Connect with friends old and new by inviting them to do any of the things listed above! A direct message has a bigger impact than just sending someone a Facebook invite. 

Don’t attend an event just to make friends though. Go to an event you’ll enjoy regardless if you meet anyone new. And don’t expect to meet someone the first time go out. Put yourself out there. Tell the performers that you enjoyed the show. 

Keep in mind as adults we are all busy. It will take a while to find your space and people. Yes, adult friendships take work, but don’t force it. If a friendship isn’t working, feel free to move on.  

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