Peace Across the Wasteland Tour: Graveyard and Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats w/ Twin Temple

If you are an avid reader of my previous Concerthopper articles, then you might know that I like it a little heavy sometimes. Well the month of March is going to be bringing some great heavy bands to my column. Starting off this month is the Peace Across the Wasteland Tour and I’m calling it right now, in March, that this is one of the BEST TOURS (for rock) in 2019. The tour features the UK’s very own Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats and Germany’s Graveyard with Twin Temple (March 3rd-March 16th) / Demob Happy (March 18th-March 30th). It has been a few years since either Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats or Graveyard played Atlanta. Having both of them on the same bill… now that is the most perfect tour for doom metal lovers all over North America. You can follow these links to check out any remaining tour dates for Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, Graveyard, Twin Temple, & Demob Happy respectively.  

Twin Temple, Alexandra and Zachary James, is a “Satanic doo-wop band” that first formed on Halloween in Los Angeles, Ca in 2016. I used that quote because Gabriela Herstik’s article not only coined that term to describe their music/style, but she also did a great in-depth interview with a band that is very intriguing. As Hestik wrote, “If there’s anything to expect with Twin Temple, it’s the unexpected.” Want to hear some of Twin Temple? Check out their Official Soundcloud page and give them a listen.

Next up was Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, which incidentally was one of my very first photo assignments for Concerthopper back when they played the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta in 2016. So trust me when I say that I am honored to get the opportunity to once again cover one of my favorite bands. Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, formed in 2009, began their current North American tour in support of last year’s release, Wasteland -hence the catchy tour name, Peace Across the Wasteland Tour (Graveyard’s latest release is entitled, Peace). If you are a fan of horror movie culture, plus heavy metal/doom metal/psychedelic rock/occult rock then Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats are the band for you. Trust me! I’m a professional. Why don’t you go and check out the band’s Official Soundcloud page and see for yourself. Also you can check out their set list from this night below because I am nice like that.

Set list

1.       I See Through You

2.       Waiting For Blood

3.       Mt. Abraxas

4.       Mind Crawler

5.       Death’s Door

6.       Shockwave City

7.       Crystal Spiders

8.       Dead Eyes of London

9.       Pusherman

10.   I’ll Cut You Down

11.   Blood Runner

12.   13 Candles

13.   Melody Lane

14.   No Return


Graveyard was the final band playing on this night of the tour because they have decided to rotate the closing act each date on the tour. Formed in Gothenburg, Germany in 2006, this quartet has produced five (5) LPs with the latest being entitled, Peace, as mentioned in the previously. Last time I had the chance to see them live was at the Shaky Knees Late Night show at The Earl in 2015. So I was ready to get my fill on their closing set. And by the sound of the crowd, they were all feeling the same sentiment. If you enjoy hard rock/neo-psychedelia/psychedelic rock/blues/occult rock then you need to really check out Graveyard. Head over to Graveyard’s Official Soundcloud page and crank it up all the way. You will be glad that you did. You can also view their set list from this night below.

Set list

1.       Walk On

2.       Please Don’t

3.       The Fox

4.       Hisingen Blues

5.       Uncomfortably Numb

6.       Bird of Paradise

7.       Cold Love

8.       Buying Truth

9.       Hard Times Lovin’

10.   An Industry of Murder

11.   It Ain’t Over Yet

12.   Goliath

13.   Magnetic Shunk


14.   Low (I Wouldn’t Mind)

15.   Ain’t Fit to Live Here

16.   The Siren


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