Weedeater/ASG/Toke/Beitthemeans: Live at The Masquerade

One thing about living a few hours away from Atlanta is weekday shows are not happening all too often. Adulting always seems to get in the way. But sometimes the metal gods shine on you and certain bands that you’ve been chasing finally play a weekend show in Atlanta. Who you may ask? Weedeater, ASG, Toke, & Beitthemeans that’s who! Looks like Metal March continues onward for me with another wicked heavy show!

First up was the North Carolina sludge metal band Toke who have been doing their thing since only 2013. The band consists of Jeremy (drums), Tim (guitar), and Bronco (bass/vocals). Their last names have been withheld to protect the innocent. Toke has released two (2) LPs and a few miscellaneous releases, including a split EP with the band Green Fiend entitled, High Friends in Low Places. As a fan of the sludgy stuff, I have been wanting to see Toke for some time now, so you have to know that I was ready for this set. And let me tell you that Toke brought the ominous, deafening sludge sound with them for sure. I definitely will go watch Toke slay it again and again in the near future. Want to hear some of Toke? Check out this link to their LP, Orange, and to their track, “Weight of the World”.

Alabama’s very own Beitthemeans came up next on to the stage to play their version of Southern hard rock for the nearly sold-out crowd at The Masquerade. The band features Casey Wilson (bass), Nathan Kelley (drums), and Josh Jones (guitar/vocals) and have been together since 2002. I got a chance to chat with a few people in the crowd and found out that they came from Birmingham to support their friends, Beitthemeans. Pretty awesome people! I’m sure I will run into those same people at my next Beitthemeans show. Want to check Beitthemeans? Take a journey over to their Official Soundcloud page and hear for yourself.

Taking the stage next was North Carolina’s alternative metal giants ASG, who is another band that I have been chasing for a few years now. The band consists of Jason Shi (guitar/vocals), Andy Ellis (bass), Scott Key (drums), and Jonah Citty (guitar). I first got a chance to hear ASG on their split EP with Black Tusk entitled, Low Country (2009). Most of my friends had previously heard a song or two from them featured in some sort of skateboarding, surfing, or snowboarding video so I was late to the game. ASG has released a total of six (6) LPs and the one (1) split EP with Black Tusk. Follow this link to listen to their latest LP, Survive Sunrise (2018) or Win Us Over (2007) and hear for yourself.

Finally the time had come for the Wilmington, N.C. sludge metal gods, Weedeater to take the stage. It had only taken many years for this moment to happen. I may or may not have been the most excited person at the show. Weedeater features Dave “Dixie” Collins (bass/vocals), Dave “Shep” Shepherd (guitar), and Ramzi Ateya (drummer) - Ramzi has taken over the drum kit for Weedeater since the tragic death of Carlos Denogean last year. Weedeater has released five (5) LPs with the latest entitled Goliathan (2015). But I would be wrong if I did not mention that Weedeater was actually born out of another legendary, sludge metal band from the early 90’s- Buzzov*en. “Dixie” Dave recruited “Shep” and Keith “Keko” Kirkum (drums) to play in the original lineup of Weedeater back in 1998. You can listen to all five of their LPs by following this link to their Official Bandcamp page.

One thing about metal shows- there can be 5+ playing on any given night. With that being said, this show had two (2) additional bands playing as support: Stoneman & Degradations. I was not able to make it in time to cover these bands and regret not beating traffic to give them to the support that they deserved.  

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