Survive Being a Weeknight Warrior

This week I'll be enjoying Big Boi with Killer Mike at Track 29 Tuesday than Pickin' for the Pups at Lindsay Street Hall on Thursday.

Nobody wants to miss epicness just because it happens to be on a Tuesday. If you’re like me, one of those jerkoffs, that’ll never take work off that Kanye toasts to, then this is for you.

My short list of tips to survive being a weeknight warrior.
Go to bed early the night before & try taking a nap before you go out.
Drink plenty of water, if you’re drinking alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates you & that’s what causes the major headache.  
Do whatever morning tasks you can do before you go out. Pick out your clothes for the next day.
Multiple Alarms
Set the ones on your phone to go off at 10 minute intervals. Plan a wake-up from a friend who's already awake. 
It was suggested that I add caffeine to this list. I rarely touch the stuff. Caffeine drink a little more than usual, I guess. If you already consume it on regular basis.

Have any tips to share? What events have you enjoyed on a work night?