More Music for Your Money

I think all readers of this blog can agree we all need more live music in our lives.
What's usually the main reason for not attending more events?
Lack of cash holding you back from reaching your concerts hopped quota?
No worries, I made a helpful list for you.
  • Volunteer or Street Team
    • Volunteering or being a Street Team member requires a little work, but is a great way to earn a ticket for your favorite venues or music festivals. Working for Clean Vibes is also an option at many festivals.
  •  Festivals
    • Even if you can't earn a free tickets, festivals are still the great value. I mean just think about it... You can see how many bands in one weekend?! The Festival Guy wrote an informative article on which major festivals are the best value. Read it here.
  • Pre Sale
    • Some artists will have a pre-sale available for their fans before tickets go on sell at the venue on their official website. And you already know you'll spend more if you wait until the day of to buy your ticket anyway. Get it while the gettin's good.
  • Local Music
    • A local band's show is usually under $10 or free. You save time & money by not having to travel far. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SCENE. Every great band had to start somewhere.
  • Summer Concert Series
    • It seems as though every major city has a free outdoor concert series of some sort. Chattanooga has both Nightfall and Riverfront Nights.
  • Walk/Take the Bus/Carpool/Uber
    • My friends and I usually park in one spot then walk from where we had dinner to the venue or from venue to venue. So we don't have to pay for parking. Use promo code tarynw59 to get your first Uber ride free or TARYN273 for Lyft.
  • Pay Cash at the Box Office
    • Avoid having to pay a convenience fee for ordering online or using your card by picking up your tickets at the box office with cash.
How do you save money while enjoying live music?