Unicorn Band

Unicorn Band is a band that you're a fan of & even though you have had many opportunities to see them live you keep missing them for some reason. 

Moon Taxi was originally my Unicorn Band & the origin of the term.  Moon Taxi is from Nashville & I've been fan of theirs for years. They play the Chattanooga area often, but unfortunately something kept getting in the way EVERY. SINGLE. time I nearly had an opportunity to see them. The times I can list off the top of my head that I missed them: Bonnaroo, Track 29, Riverbend just to name a few. I almost didn't get to go Fly Free Fest & honestly thought it was jinxed since they were on the line-up.

On Thursday, September 5th Christine & I rode in a blue taxi to Rhythm & Brews to see Moon Taxi & opener Black Taxi. Cliche as it may sound, I felt like I was crossing something off of my bucket list. Both bands were very high energy & fun. I enjoyed the show from the front row. You know you're in good spot when you're surrounded by hot girls & a guy in homemade Moon Taxi shirt who clearly is a hardcore fan.

If given the chance to ride the moon taxi, take it! They don't disappoint.

Photo Credit: MOON TAXI Facebook
Who's your Unicorn Band?