Street Team with Me!

One of my goals for 2014 is to become an active street team member. I obviously already spend a great deal of time promoting and attending events. I've been searching for ways to network, get more involved, and honestly save money. Being on a street team seems like a sure fire way to do all those things. A street team is a group of fans who promote a band or event. Although they work for free street teamers earn tickets and/or merchandise usually on a point system where points are earned per task completed.   I think the main reason I didn't jump into it sooner was that the first thing I picture a street teamer doing is hanging flyers. I'm 4'11" and in a wheelchair. Oh, my Bassnectar flyer will let all the 5 years olds know where the party's at! Luckily now-a-days social media addicts such as myself can use their addictions to be productive concert hoppers of society. 
So far I've found AC Entertainment may have the best street team set up. You can do many of the tasks from your computer. These tasks are as simple as sharing links on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, taking a screenshot and uploading the shot. Then yay points! They also have posters runs for the able-bodied folk. It was suggested that I also participate in the forum discussions as well, because sometimes this happens:

John Matthew Horton's idea. Hire him.

You can cash your points in at their nifty online shop. Which includes not only t-shirts, but also tickets to concerts at places such as Track 29, The Orange Peel and other wonderful Southern venues and FESTIVAL wristbands, Bonnaroo and Forecastle!  I've recently met people who earned tickets to Bonnaroo and other events on AC Entertainment's Fancorps. Sign up here, right now, please: 

I don't plan to street team for just for AC Entertainment I really want to be a part of the behind the scenes of the music scene. If you can put me to work, visit the contact me page and let's get the ball rolling. I'd love to work on something small and watch it grow. When asking for input for this post Corey Petree of Fly Free Fest said it best, "I personally find it most rewarding to street team for local venues, bands, and events. When you can find a smaller niche to be a part of like that, you're a real part of the essential part of their growth and the growth of the city's music scene. With larger scale events it's easy to get lost in the mix, and you have no way to tell if your efforts made any real impact."
Let's all sign up and get to work! 
Like I said I'm new to this, so please share. Who are you street teaming for? What type of tasks do you do? Have any tips for improving my reach? What perks have you enjoyed? Any interesting street team related stories? And whatever else you think would be helpful.
Happy Street Teaming, Hoppers!