Free Music Friday: Humming House

Artist: Humming House
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I discovered Humming House during a downloading spree on NoiseTrade Sunday. NoiseTrade is wonderful website were you can discover all sorts of bands and download their music for FREE. Most of the artists featured on this new series will be found on NoiseTrade. Visit right after you read this post you'll fall in love.

Humming House decided to make their debut album available on NoiseTrade as a thank you to their fans and to drum up support for their Kickstarter campaign to fund their sophomore release.  They're giving away nifty stuff to all backers, so go give them your money. The NoiseTrade download and Kickstarter campaign will only up for a limited time. Do it now, you're already on your computer.

Happy Black Friday, Hoppers! 
For your safety and sanity, don't brave the crowds. 
Stay home, eat left-overs, take naps and make everybody thoughtful mixtapes.