Audience Photos of Yours Truly

I always see my concert-hopping friends looking great in audience photos, me not so much.

Either you can’t see me. I swear I was there!
Near Allen Stone, behind the toddler that's sitting on the stage.
Allen Stone, Nightfall Music Series, July 2013

Front row, far left
Bassnectar, Track 29, May 2013

By the guy in the black hat who's front and center, looking up
Moon Taxi, Rhythm & Brews, September 2013
Or I look bored.

Fly Free Fest, October 2013

                                                                               Fly Free Fest, October 2013

Well, there's this one...

                                                                                 Soul Mechanic, JJ's Bohemia 
Got any epic audience photos of yourself to share?