Guest Post: I Am a Music Fan - Donny Aird

I am a music fan.  I didn’t choose the life of a music fan; I was born a music fan.   I didn’t realize it until I was on this planet for nineteen years.  I was at my first Dave Matthews Band show when it happened.  I only went to see the opening act because I liked one song on the album.  I wasn’t into Dave Matthews Band at all.  The opening act didn’t impress.  Then DMB took the stage and it all changed.  The music washed over me and something clicked in my brain.  I was in a trance watching the band.  I never knew a band could have the power to totally change my mind in just a few songs.  I left that show craving more Dave Matthews Band music.  I left that show knowing I needed more live music.  The power of music.
Music helps me work out my thoughts and feelings.  Music is there when everything is going wrong.  Music is there when everything is going right.  Music has helped me overcome some of my shyness. Music helps me relate to others.  Music has allowed me to meet a bunch of amazing people who prove to me on a daily basis that I am not alone.  The power of music.
I feel most at ease when I’m at a show.  It’s great to feel that sense of community.  I love seeing all the smiling faces, watching people dance, and seeing people experiencing the same joy that I receive from music.  The power of music.
Last month I was at The Magic Stick in Detroit.   Roadkill Ghost Choir opened the show.  When they were done, I had a chance to talk to the guitar player.  He talked about traveling from city to city, knowing that the crowds might be very small, making every dollar count, and hoping that people like what they do.  The great thing is he was totally happy.  It has to be a hard job, but I know he wouldn’t change it for anything.  The power of music. 

Each year at Bonnaroo I stand amongst more than 80,000 people in temps that can reach over 100 degrees for a long weekend.  I walk miles each day, sweating like crazy, my feet hurting, my face burned from the sun, and I might sleep 4 hours a night.  Many people would call that a horrible time.  I call it bliss!  The bands make it all better.  The people I have met over the years on the farm make it memorable.  The joy I get from Bonnaroo makes it magical.  The power of music.
My family doesn’t understand why I love music so much.  They don’t understand why I go to so many shows.  My mother always tells me that one day I will feel too old to go to shows.   I laugh and tell her how wrong she is.  This argument has happened more than once.  The last time this argument took place I told her about the 80 year old woman at Bonnaroo who wore a bikini and fairy wings.  That shut my mother up right away.  The power of music.
Donny puts my concert hopping to shame. He probably attends 10 times the amount of concerts I do. If you would like to write for please shoot me an email via the Contact Me page. -Taryn