Share Your Bonnaroo to Combat the Bonnablues...

You've taken your Post-Roo shower and realized that tan was mostly dirt. You've resisted all urges to high five strangers and holler, "Bonnaroo!". You awaken by an alarm clock this morning, not the sun and the sound of your campsite neighbors trading tales of the previous night. You ventured off to work and sadly your day wasn't jam-packed with live music. 
You're back in reality and you got them Bonnablues. We're here for you.
Check back to read about the experiences of your fellow Bonnaroovians and to share your own. This weekend I’ll be posting my recap of Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival with a post for each day. Share your memories from that day in the comment section. 
Better yet, have a Bonnaroo story you would like featured on here? Please shoot me email via the Contact Me tab. If your story is featured I’ll snail mail you some nifty stickers.
Photo Credit: @T333GAN on Instagram