Have More Time for Festivals and Keep Your Day Job

Festival season is in full force and you might be finding it more and more difficult to get time off work for all your concert/festival hopping.
Here's some handy dandy tips that should help you pursue more live music and without losing your day job.
Stay healthy.  Eat your fruits and vegetables so you can use your sick time for festival time.
Double up your days.  Make all you doctor appointments for the same day. 
Be a weeknight warrior.  Don't be a take Friday off just because you went to a Thursday night show.  Learn how to survive being a weeknight warrior here.
Make your employer aware of your intentions.
Stay out of trouble. 
Work out of the office.  We all have smart phones.  Check your email between set times. Phone signal at festival?!  bahaha... nope. just kidding.
  Cookies! Cake!
I’m out of ideas here. If yummy baked goods can’t help you nothing can.
How do you get time off from work? Do you have any tips I didn't share?