Mixtape Monday: The Big To-Do Festival


Bowling Green shows that they are not just the outskirts of Nashville with the Big To-Do Festival. Drawing local and national acts this festival takes a typical field party and adds so much more. Located in Oakland, Kentucky this will be a weekend to see some of the nation's newest rock stars as well as seeing one of the best recreations of a Pink Floyd show ever. Familiars like Sleeper Agent and Morning Teleportation will draw you in, but it's the local acts that will keep you there! September 19th-20th be sure to be ready for amazing weather, great people, not to mention a rare chance for a more personal (yet explosive) festival (did we mention Pink Floyd light show?)where you will be in arms with everybody in a grassy field, sleeping under the stars (Bonus!). From Alternative, Prog Rock, Jam and Rockabilly you will have a mind expanding reason to rush off to this.

Be sure to visit thebigtodofest.com for tickets and information.

Check out some of the bands now with our Big To-Do Playlist!