Be Mindful, Not Mind Full. 6 Tips to Enjoy the Music.


IMG_1189 Have you ever gone to a concert before and the experience was a waste, because you were in your head the whole time? I’ve been guilty of this and it definitely ruins the night for me. Sometimes it takes effort to turn the world off and enjoy the moment. Here are some quick tips to get you out of your head and into the music.

Put away your phone – You can text your friends when you get home. They’ll still be there, but this experience won’t be. If you must take a few pictures. Do it sparingly and don’t upload them to social media until set change or until you get home.

Make your way towards the front - People talk more in the back. People watching can be fun, but it can be a distraction.

Be sober - Don't let yourself get too carried away.


Roll Solo – Don’t be afraid to go it alone. It’s better to go alone then to be there with someone who isn’t that into it.

Sing along - If you know the words sing them! Bands love crowd participation. Some are going to try to make you sing along anyway.

Dance, Dance, Dance…


How often has this happened to you? Do you have any tips to share?

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