Taryn's October Rewind and November Calendar


The only show I went to last month was The Scarlet Love Conspiracy presents: Rocky Horror Picture Show at Revelry Room. As you already know I am a regular Frankie fan. So I was extremely excited to kick off the Halloween weekend with one of the master's affairs. I've seen Rock Horror Picture Show as a play and a screening with a shadow cast. Shadow cast is when they play the movie on the theater screen and a cast of characters acts it out in front of the screen. I knew The Scarlet Love Conspiracy was going to be playing that night with a whole band. I haven't seen a band play during Rocky Horror Picture Show before. I wasn't sure what to except, but it is now my favorite way to watch RHPS. The Scarlet Love Conspiracy started the party with some originals and a few covers. They took a quick break and then they were back to start the movie. The movie was projected on to a screen off to the side of the stage. It was muted every time a song would start and the band would perform it.

Hot patootie! Bless my soul! I really love that rock and roll... The performances flowed with the movie and did the cult classic justice. It brought the music to life and definitely enhanced the experience. You could tell this wasn't a band of Rocky Horror virgins. I loved the band's bad ass stage decorations. I promise I didn't nab any of them.


If you have a chance to see Rocky Horror Picture Show, then go give yourself over to absolute pleasure. These events are way more than watching a movie. There's yelling funny call backs, costumes, singing and dancing, and general weirdness.

Don't dream it. Be it.


3rd - Allen Stone and JSMN at Revelry Room

9th - TakeNote Volume 1: Music Industry PR & Marketing

13th - The Infamous Stringdusters at Track 29

15th - Palehound at JJ's Bohemia

19th - Drive-By Truckers at Track 29

21st - DANIMAL PLANET with Nick Lutsko at Revelry Room