Concert Hopper Day is Tomorrow!


This Friday, September 16, 2016 is the third birthday of our beloved We decided to declare September 16th, Concert Hopper Day from here on out. To properly celebrate this glorious day, you must take some time to enjoy some live music. You can gather up you festy family or roll solo, but be sure to immerse yourself in live music and wish everyone you see a "Happy Concert Hopper Day!"

On this day reflect on the moments when live music was the soundtrack to your life. When the song gave you chills or took you back to a special memory. When you let the music move you and you danced without a care. When you felt the excited energy of someone at their first concert or someone performing their first show. Think back to all those crazy fun stories that start with, "I was at this concert..."or "I was at this music festival..."

Take a moment to wish a "Happy Concert Hopper Day" to everyone you have met while enjoying live music and everyone you have shared memorable music moments with.

I am thankful that the love of music has brought us together. Happiest of Concert Hopper Days to you and yours. And may all your favorite bands stay together!

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