Failure: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Fantastic Planet.

Twenty years a band from Los Angeles, Ca. released their third album entitled Fantastic Planet. Their name was Failure and included Ken Andrews (vocals/guitar/bass), Greg Edwards (bass/piano/guitar/percussion), and Kellii Scott (drums). This was a concept album that was produced by the band, thus, taking them much longer to finish than their previous two albums. Believe me when I say that it was well worth the wait. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, Failure announced a tour earlier this year in which they would play this album in its entirety. Personally, this night was a bucket list moment being able to do photo for one of my favorite bands. We would like to thank the band and their representative for giving us the opportunity to attend this amazing performance.


Fantastic Planet

Track listing (All tracks written by Ken Andrews & Greg Edwards):

  1. "Saturday Saviour"
  2. "Sergeant Politeness"
  3. "Segue 1"
  4. "Smoking Umbrellas"
  5. "Pillowhead"
  6. "Blank" 
  7. "Segue 2"
  8. "Dirty Blue Balloons"
  9. "Solaris"
  10. "Pitiful"
  11. "Leo"
  12. "Segue 3"
  13. "The Nurse Who Loved Me"
  14. "Another Space Song"
  15. "Stuck on You"
  16. "Heliotropic"
  17. "Daylight"

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