21 Great Gifts for Concert Hoppers


Just in time for the holiday shopping season we compiled a handy dandy shopping list to help you purchase gifts for the concert hoppers in your life. Happy Shopping!

1. Safety first! Make sure they can hear the concerts clearly for years to come.

2. Get this for the Prince, because they can't hear Prince anywhere on internet. Go search Spotify and YouTube, if you don't believe me.

3. People love these Funko Dolls. Pre-order this one now.

4. Like making your house a Smart Home. It's a fancy blue tooth speaker too!

5. Hands free for dancing! These come in different colors, get one for each of your festy fam members.

6. Perfect for the festival virgin.

7. You know you were jealous of everyone who had one of these this year.

8. ...or get a hammock for festival chilling. Ideal for festivals with plentiful in trees like the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival.

9. Cosplay or protection from the sun? Both.

10. If you want sun protection that is a little less medieval.

11. A practical shocking stuffer.

12. Give them a good night's sleep with a car mattress...

13. Or a hassle-free tent cot.

14. The cheaper Go-Pro alternative! They can use to capture their music memories without getting in trouble for using a pro-camera.

15. Glass is a no-no at any festival, so make sure the wino is covered.

16. But also make sure they are drinking plenty of water.

17. Their campsite needs these lights.

18. And their head needs this one, trust us.

19. Documenting musical memories is of the utmost importance. (If you want to keep a digital diary of your music adventures for all your friends and family to read, like on an awesome multi-authored blogĀ hit us up.)

20. Reading is a great way to kill time between set times without using your phone battery.

21. Speaking of phone battery. Moms, if you want your little festys to check-in with you, get them a backup.

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