Project Pabst : Atlanta


Project-Pabst-ATL-2017 (1)      Project Pabst is a touring music festival in the United States that started on September 26,  2014. After two phenomenal years of keeping the festival in its home city of Portland, Oregon, Project Pabst decided it was time to pack up shop and hit the road! This year Project Pabst is hitting four major cities across the U.S. spanning from Spring to Fall. The tour plans to hit Denver, Colorado; Portland, Oregon; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Atlanta, Georgia.

     Each stop on the tour features it’s own eclectic line-up of artists. On October 7, 2017 the tour will be making it’s stop in Atlanta, Georgia and will be featuring big names such as Peaches, Iggy Pop and Dinosaur Jr. But besides the big names on this line-up, Project Pabst features several undercard artists whose names may not be emblazoned across the top of the list, but they pack a huge musical punch.

     Of course, everyone is on their toes anticipating the Godfather of Punk’s shirtless on-stage antics, but what about The Coathangers? Are you guys ready to get your socks rocked off by an all-female Atlanta based punk band? Or how about another Atlanta based punk band, known as Illegal Drugs? Are you guys ready to have your faces melted by some of their punk rock power chord progressions and sick guitar riffs? Project Pabst is one of the few touring festivals that features a hefty amount of local talent on each stop of its tour. 

Project_Pabst_Atlanta_LineUp (2)

     The only way to really prepare yourself for the amount of eclectic talent on Project Pabst’s Atlanta lineup is to start digging past the big names illustrated across the top of the list. Now, I’m not saying we aren’t excited about Peaches, Iggy Pop, Dinosaur Jr. and The Internet. What I am saying is once you get past the first couple lines of artist, the talent doesn’t dwindle away just because their names get smaller on the line-up. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that A Drug Called Tradition could compete with Iggy Pop for the headlining spot. Their song “Depression Stone” is a freakin’ bop, let me tell you.

     Pabst Project is definitely one of those festivals where immersing yourself into the festival is the only way to truly experience it. Just get lost in the East Atlanta Village, see every artist that hits the stage while enjoying some amazing food and beer at reasonable prices, and get interactive with some of the hands-on art that the festival provides. For example, there's the PBR Vandalism which is an interactive art experience that utilizes a van as a canvas. There’s also a PBRcade: a fully functioning old school arcade and PBR Wax: which is a fully mobile studio where fans can record their own demos and take home a vinyl 45. Can you imagine laying a needle down on a 45 and hearing yourself? You can also take home a limited edition 16oz. can of Pabst Blue Ribbon that will feature a local artist from the festival.

With tickets sitting at $45, I strongly encourage everyone to grab their tickets to one of the most interactive and diverse festivals that's going to hit Atlanta this fall. It's less than a month away before Project Pabst invades Atlanta. That's plenty of time to gather up your squad, get a playlist of all the artists on the lineup, and get yourselves pumped for a fun filled day of interactive art and music in the East Atlanta Village all thanks to Project Pabst presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon.