Watch Episodes 1 & 2 of the Local Lesson Series


Local Lesson is a Make Music Chattanooga and video series where local Chattanooga talent gives a brief, yet specific music lesson.  Lesson 1. How to Take Care and Rosin a New Bow

August Bruce started Fiddlers Anonymous, a Fiddle/Folk store located in Red Bank, TN. They provide free lessons and host Folk jams. She happened to showcase one of those lessons for anyone who has a new bow.


Local Lesson 2:  The Four Elements of Hip Hop

Days before the first Chattanooga Hip Hop Festival, we teamed up with C-Grimey, a participant of the festival. He gave a lesson on the four elements of Hip- Hop.

To find out more about Chattanooga Hip Hop Festival, go to for the schedule of events.

To see what C-Grimey is up to go to his Facebook page to view up coming shows as well as sample his music.

Stay tuned to! We have many more lessons to share!