Hop on to FestEvo Before Everyone Else


FestEvo has relaunched as an easy to use app and website designed to help you #FestivalBetter. Festival newbies can get all the info they need to get the most out of their festival experience in one spot without having to scour the internet. The home page has just about every festival you could think of listed and easily searchable based on criteria such as artist, dates, location or genre. Each festival's page includes basic information, links to the festival's website and social media accounts. There's space for attendees to post about their festival experience and you can listen to the current and past lineups as well.

Become a member by clicking here. Membership is free, but you can receive some useful extras at the rate of $10, $25, $50, & $100 a year. Reap the benefits of being an early member and earn Props by inviting your friends to join the community. Props are like flyer miles and can be used on things such as exclusive members-only raffles!

Parts of the Website

Education is the main goal of the FestEvo community.The FestivalGoer's Guide is a quick and easy read. It's multi-authored guide with contributions by long-time festies who are experts in the topic they cover. It's a great refresher course for even the most seasoned FestivalGoer. It covers a variety of topics related to helping you #FestivalBetter. Such as, but limited to: Leave No Trace +1, Personal Festival Gear (PFG), Making Friends, Group Tips, Bringing Kids, Keeping your Tent Cool, Nutrition and controversial, but necessary topics such as Safe Drug Use, Hooking Up, and Scalpers.

The Gear page gives you an idea what to bring and what to leave at home. I would suggest scrolling through it before shopping for your next festival. The listed items range from fun (costumes, lights, wigs) to practical (tents, coolers, fans).  

Raffles are the most unique perks available to FestEvo members. You can use the Props you earn to easily enter raffles for festival/concert tickets, apparel, gear and more.

Not sure how to get a festival or where to stay while there? Let the Travel page help you out.

And of course all these handy dandy features and more are available in App form, in the App Store or Google Play.

We hope that FestEvo helps you #FestivalBetter. If you know of any other resources we should be sharing with Concert Hoppers, feel free to contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @concerthopper.