Rhythm N' Blooms 2018: Full Line-Up and 9 Must-See Gems


Rhythm N' Blooms released the remaining acts for their 2018 line-up this week! Deer Tick rounds out the headliners, along with the previously announced Dr. Dog and Paul Thorn's Mission Temple Fireworks Revival feat. the McCrary Sisters. In addition the now stronger 46 artist line-up includes: Hayes Carll, DK The Drummer (of MUTEMATH), Penny & Sparrow, Caroline Spence, Possessed by Paul James, Andy Wood, Max Gomez, Sucre, Dori Freeman, Okey Dokey, The Broadcast, LUTHI, Ancient Cities, Sweet Years, Blond Bones, Justin Fedor, The Trongone Band, Paul Lee Kupfer, Southern Cities, Carly Burress, Art Smashes Records, Nancy Ann Wilson, Cassi Raye and Natchez Tracers, as well as the many previously announced artists.

Though the schedule has yet to be released, I've taken the time since the full line-up dropped to try to find some gems that I personally plan to see this year, in addition to the 3 headlining acts. Here they are:

The Accidentals

The Accidentals may be my favorite discovery pre-Rhythm N Blooms. I fell in love with them the first minute in to their track “Memorial Day”, as I’m sure so many do, but the love never waned as I caught up with their thus far brief, but already rich, back catalogue. When listening to them my mind conjured up comparisons back to bands such as Meg & Dia, Sales, past-Rhythm N Blooms headliners The Decemberists, though like the latter artist to push them into 1 mold would be to constrain their varied sound.


Ancient Cities

Ancient Cities may not throwback to the times of Mesopotamia or the era of Egyptian Pharaohs; however, their music is certainly a love note to the heyday of classic rock. Elements of glam, psychedelia, 60’s/70’s experimental rock all shine through in the band’s music. While this would immediately date a lesser artist’s music, Ancient Cities has the skills to pull off their ode to retro all while bringing a freshness to the sound.


The Broadcast

The Broadcast, not to be confused with British indie rockers Broadcast, sound like they made their music specifically to belt out at a festival such as Rhythm N Blooms. High energy rock, powerful vocals led by Caitlin Krisko, and tons of stomp your feet and clap your hand moments, bring such an energy to their songs that you can’t help but move along!


Brother Sundance

If I had to pick which artist I thought would be a huge breakout star, I would for sure say Mike Mineo’s band Brother Sundance. With songs that are as prescient, as they are beautiful, I can see them returning for a headline spot in just a few years.


DK the Drummer (of Mutemath)

I could tell you about how DK notoriously heightened the already incredible Mutemath set at Rhythm N Blooms with his antics. Or I could tell you how DK, Darren’s his real name, has combined drumming with DJing for what promises to be an incredible live performance not to miss! Or I could just share this video cause come on!!! Who’d want to miss this?!?



Dancers bring your shoes with this band, cause even with LUTHI’s mellower songs you’ll still find yourself toe tapping away. When all 9 members – that’s right 9 – get going with one of their high energy tracks then it won’t just be Kevin Bacon cutting footloose!


The Mowgli's

The Mowgli’s are one of those bands that sounds like a bunch of friends came together for a party and at the end of the night they’d realized they made an album. With infectious tracks like “San Francisco”, “I’m Good”, and “Say It, Just Say It”, all deserving of more radio play than they already receive, it’s no wonder Rhythm N' Blooms invited them to the party.


The War & Treaty

No matter which of their songs they're singing, The War and Treaty deliver each performance with a power that is simply beautiful and quite often awe-inspiring! Maybe it's the natural chemistry between husband and wife team Michael and Tanya Trotter, their love for music and the emotions conveyed, or their sheer God given talent? Whatever it is when The War and Treaty are grooving people listen, and listen they should.


The Young Fables

The Young Fables, a duo comprising Laurel Wright and Wesley Lunford, formed just a short drive away from Knoxville in lovely Maryville, T.N. You can hear that rich tapestry of Tennessee music, culture, and life in their songs. To call them simply another Tennessee country band though would be to negate Laurel and Wes’s diverse talents as songwriters that, along with their musical styles and beautiful vocals, help them weave between and across genres.


To hear even more of the wonderful artists coming to Rhythm N' Blooms check out this Spotify playlist complied by the festival coordinators!