Dance Gavin Dance 6/10/2018

Dance Gavin Dance is an American rock band from Sacramento, California, formed in 2005. The band currently consists of Tilian Pearson (clean vocals), Jon Mess (unclean vocals), Will Swan (lead guitar), Tim Feerick (bass guitar), and Matthew Mingus (drums, percussion).  Dance Gavin Dance released their debut EP, Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean in 2006 and signed to Rise Records shortly after. Throughout 2008, the band's vocalist Jonny Craig and guitarist Sean O'Sullivan left the band and were replaced by vocalist Kurt Travis (later of A Lot Like Birds) and guitarist Zac Garren. After releasing their self-titled second full-length album, Dance Gavin Dance, in August. The album peaked at No. 172 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart and No. 26 on the Top Independent Albums chart. Current vocalist Jon Mess left the band in 2008 and eventually re-returned in 2010. After releasing a couple more album in 2012 Jonny Craig (Slaves) left the band in 2012, leading to vocalist Tilian Pearson. The band has eight studio albums, they just released Artificial Selection, on June 8th, 2018. The band is currently on tour with I See Stars, ERRA, and Sianvar.

This show was a SOLD OUT show. The line just to enter the venue went almost around the block entirely. Dance Gavin Dance played many songs off of their different albums including "Lemon Meringue Tie" which is off theor Downtown Battle Mountain album released in 2007. They opened up the show with "Frozen One" from the Mothership album.  


  1. Frozen One
  2. Betrayed by the Game
  3. Midnight Crusade
  4. Alex English
  5. Chucky VS. The Giant Tortis
  6. Carl Barker
  7. Summertime Gladness
  8. Flossie Dickey Bounce
  9. Care
  10. We Own The Night
  11. Man of the Year
  12. Inspire the liars
  13. Lemon Meringue Tie

I See Stars is an American electronicore band that formed in 2006 based in Warren, Michigan. The band currently consists of vocalist Devin Oliver, guitarist Brent Allen, keyboardist and vocalist Andrew Oliver, and bass guitarist Jeff Valentine. I See Stars wanted to make the night more interesting by asking their fans to crowd surf making it the best night of their lives and doing something they haven't done before.

Erra (stylized as ERRA) is an American Progressive metalcore band from Birmingham, Alabama. The band was named after the homonymous Akkadian god of war and plague. The band has released three EPs and studio albums to date. They played songs off the album "Drift" released in 2016. 

Sianvar is an American progressive rock supergroup formed in 2013. The group currently consists of Donovan Melero (vocals), Will Swan (guitar), Sergio Medina (guitar), Joseph Arrington (drums), and Michael Franzino (bass). Sianvar is Will Swan of Dance Gavin Dance side project. The band is made up of other large bands Hail to the sun and A Lot Like Birds.

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Hayley Soles-Mummery