The Macro Tour featuring Jinjer, The Browning, Sumo Cyco and Left to Suffer

Hell (located at the Masquerade in Atlanta) recently played host to the Macro tour which featured Jinjer, The Browning, Sumo Cyco and Atlanta’s own Left to Suffer. The show had been sold out months prior to the actual date of the show and the house was packed throughout the entire show. ConcertHopper was on hand for the whole experience, here are some photos and our thoughts.

Left to Suffer was the first to take the stage. As the local opener there was a ton of local support there for the band who didn’t let their fans down. They tore through original songs, filled with heavy riffs and booming drums for the first two songs before heading off into a cover of “Eyeless” by Slipknot. From there the crowd ramped up the energy which persisted throughout the set.

Next up was Sumo Cyco, a band hailing from Canada that was perhaps a bit of an anomaly on the tour as their music was decidedly not as heavy as the other bands for the most part being said. That being said, they definitely didn’t let the energy fall as they played energetically through their set, even in spite of some technical issues. Their singer also took crowd interaction to a whole other level when she vaulted the railing onto the shoulders of a fan in the front row and asked him to carry her to the bar, which he happily did. From there she finished her drink and continued the show with enthusiasm.

Follow up the charismatic performance from Sumo Cyco was The Browning. For the unanointed in the crowd who had never heard the music of The Browning, they were in for a surprise. Certainly the band mostly plays a unique brand of heavy but melodic metal but it is often interspersed with electronic tracks that would be at home at an EDM show just as easily as they merge it with their own music.

Finally it was time for the Ukranian sensations, Jinjer to take the stage. For those unfamiliar with the band, they gained a lot of exposure from YouTube reactions to their live studio version of their hit song “Pisces.” Lead vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk floored the crowd with her remarkable blending of sultry clean vocals and guttural screams. Many people have heard the bands’ songs on YouTube or Spotify by this point but seeing the band live, hearing their trademark bass runs and of course Tatiana’s incredible vocals in person is an experience you do not want to miss.

Check out the band as the tour continues at the dates below:

Oct. 06 - Montreal, Quebec @ Astral
Oct. 08 - Toronto, Ontario @ Hard Luck
Oct. 09 - Ottawa, Ontario @ The Brass Monkey
Oct. 10 - Rochester, N.Y. @ Montage Music Hall
Oct. 11 - Cleveland, Ohio @ The Winchester
Oct. 12 - Cincinnati, Ohio Riverfront Theater
Oct. 13 - Pittsburgh, Penn. @ Crafthouse
Oct. 15 - Indianapolis, Ind. @ Black Circle
Oct. 16 - Angola, Ind. @ The Eclectic Room
Oct. 18 - Columbus, Ohio @ Al Rosa Villa
Oct. 19 - Flint, Mich. @ Machine Shop
Oct. 20 - Grand Rapids, Mich. @ The Stache @ Interection
Oct. 22 - Chicago, Ill. @ Bottom Lounge
Oct. 23 - Belvedere, Ill. @ Apollo Theater
Oct. 24 - Waterloo, Iowa @ Spicoli’s
Oct. 25 - Iowa City, Iowa @ Wildwood Smokehouse
Oct. 26 - Racine, Wis. @ Route 20
Oct. 29 - Calgary, Alberta @ Dickens
Oct. 30 - Edmonton, Alberta @ Starlite
Oct. 31 - Vancouver, British Columbia @ The Rickshaw Theater
Nov. 01 - Seattle, Wash. @ El Corazon
Nov. 02 - Portland, Ore. @ Hawthorne Theater

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