Imagine Music Festival 2019: What Dreams are Made Of

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Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia has officially laid another out of this world weekend of music, art, craft food, and good vibes to rest. Over the weekend of September 19 - 22, Atlanta Motor Speedway saw over fifty of the hottest names in EDM courtesy of curators Iris Presents. The production team at Iris Presents outdid themselves in 2019 with a perfectly organized schedule, a flawlessly curated layout of the festival, and out of this world talent tucked away in every crack and crevice throughout the Imaginarium. The Imaginarium truly came to life this year with aquatic creatures, surprise performances, special guests, and of course - the attendees. The Imaginarium’s layout comes together weeks before the doors even open, but it is the phenomenal fan base that brings this venue to life for the four days of non-stop music and entertainment. Without the die-hard Imaginary Friends and fans of Iris Presents, Imagine just wouldn’t be the same. The best way to describe the fan base at Imagine Music Festival would be “good vibes only!” since there isn’t a single person there who isn’t ready to get down and get funky with an absolute stranger. Between the jaw-dropping beats, delicious craft food vendors, spectacular cirque performances, and an out-of-this-world visual production Imagine Music Festival has become the South’s #1 EDM Festival with little to no competition.

Mantis performing at Imagine Music Festival 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mantis performing at Imagine Music Festival 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Friday kicked off the first full day of music at Imagine and it went off with a bang with DrinkUrWater and White Rhino kicking off the day. DrinkUrWater started the day off on the Oceania Stage and White Rhino got the party started on the Disco Inferno Stage. The attendees really started to get up and move for Mantis, an Atlanta local, who brought the heavy bass straight into their face on the Oceania Stage. Mantis has attendees opening up a mosh pit and breaking necks on the rail at sunset, which was truly a picturesque experience for the festival family at Imagine Festival. As the day progressed and the sun began to settle beyond the horizon, Leah Culver took to the Oceania Stage to deliver a spectacular performance that went so much further than your average DJ set. Leah Culver proved that she is more of a performer and not just a producer. Her performance came with face melting bass, a full live band, hip-hop dancers, and even a choir of talented individuals from the local area. Leah Culver’s set was a true performance from start to finish. From Leah Culver, most attendees boogied over to Disco Inferno stage where they were able to get down to SQUNTO, Boogie T, and Subtronics just before making their way back towards the main stage. K?D took the Oceania Stage around 10:00PM on Friday and they brought an other worldly visual production along with them. The lasers were absolutely insane for K?D. The overall stage production for Oceania was top-notch this year and this really had a chance to shine with K?D and Rezz on Friday night. Rezz took the Oceania stage by storm around 1AM and the crowd was on edge with anticipation for this set. Rezz brought her deep dub, heavy bass vibes to the main stage and the crowd packed in thick for this one. Rezz’s set was highly anticipated as her spooky heavy bass vibe has been taking the EDM scene by storm. She proved she deserves to be headlining festivals across the world.

Saturday kicked off with some local Atlanta vibes on the Amazonia stage from Scales and the ATLiens came out to represent in droves. From their, ATLiens boogied over to the Oceania Stage to keep the ATL vibe rollin’ and get down with Eddie Gold B2B Cherdleys. Everyone needs to go and tell Cherdley’s kids just how cool he is for crowd surfing at Imagine Music Festival 2019. As the day rolled on and the sun nestled in for the night, the Amazonia stage started to overflow with funky good tunes. Goldfish is an electronic duo that brings more energy than some full, four piece bands. Goldfish has the crowd straight up hoppin’ at the Amazonia stage. To keep the funky good times rollin’, Cherub then took the Amazonia stage right after Goldfish. Cherub is an indie electro-funk duo from Nashville, Tennessee that consists of Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber. Cherub’s set was off the chain and so funky. So funky in fact they blew the speakers out in the first song - literally. It didn’t take very long for the stage hands to fix the sound and the boys jumped right back into the funky tunes. We had the opportunity to catch up with the boys from Cherub before they hit the road to Imagine, so hop over to our interview page and check out what they had to say!

After Cherub melted everyone’s faces with their funky riffs and groovy beats, attendees boogied over to Alison Wonderland at the Oceania Stage to get a little rowdy. Alison Wonderland’s set blew the crowd away with her neck breaking drops and melodic beats. Since this Australian DJ’s debut in 2015 she has been taking the festival scene by storm. She will definitely by headlining Imagine Music Festival within the next few years. After Alison Wonderland, attendees raced back to the Amazonia Stage to get down with G-Jones. G-Jones stage production is quite trippy considering is mostly just white lights and strobes. It is one of the more simply stage productions to grace the stage at Amazonia but it compliments his style very well. His wonky bass mixed with the strobes sends attendees into another dimension. After G-Jones, attendees raced back to Oceania to close out the night with Zeds Dead and Above & Beyond.

When gates opened on Sunday, attendees knew it was the final day and there would be no holding back on the party tonight. To start the day off right, we stopped by the 6 Feathers stage to see the contest winner, Juicy Jesus, perform their debut Imagine set. Most attendees were making their way towards Oceania to boogie with Atlanta locals, Midnite Panda. Midnite Panda’s set was banger after banger with a trap vibe and it had local Atlanta attendees getting down and dirty in the Sunday dust. After Midnite Panda, Said the Sky took the stage to play his beautiful tunes for us. Said the Sky has a very unique future bass meets house vibe that resonates as simply beautiful music. As 7:30PM was quickly approaching, attendees began making their way towards the Amazonia stage for the much anticipated Tipper Takeover. The last three artists performing on the Amazonia Stage on Sunday were Detox Unit, Jade Cicada, and Tipper. This is the ultimate trifecta of wonky, heavy bass. These three artists performing one after another will leave you as a pile of jello - take our word for it! About halfway through Tipper, attendees who were curious about the filth Marshmello was putting down began to make their way towards Oceania to close out the night. As Marshmello made his way towards his closer, “Happier” featuring Bastille, fireworks began to light up the sky to close out this picturesque week at Atlanta Motor Speedway. After Marshmello had everyone in their feels, attendees began to make their way towards the disco inferno stage to officially close out the night with a little dance party with Claude Vonstroke.

Imagine Music Festival is a picturesque aquatic wonderland that just happens to be nestled into a motor speedway in one of the busiest cities in the country. Rumors have started to swirl through the festival community regarding a possible location change for Imagine in the next few years, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. If you purchased a ticket to Imagine this year, you should already have your loyalty code for purchasing a discounted ticket to Imagine Music Festival in 2020. You can go ahead and secure that ticket back to the South’s #1 EDM festival and start planning your trip here to save you the headache next year. As always, stay hydrated, if you see something then say something and we hope to get groovy with you at a festival very soon.