iMatter Festival

“Suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse, suicide eliminates the possibility of it ever getting better.”


iMatter Festival is a giant festival that has impacted a lot of people. The festival was founded in 2008, for suicide prevention, self-harm, and self-doubt awareness. The meaning of iMatter Festival is a reminder that this generation has a purpose and that you do matter. Everyone at the festival was so welcoming to the fans that arrived that day. The volunteers gave out free water and candy to those who were still standing in line on that hot day. The volunteers at iMatter also had set up a booth called “Tell your story" it was a place where you could let all your emotions go and to just talk about what's going on in your life. They also had other opportunities for you to release your feelings & in return you would get something for free from the festival. During the day since it was hot and sunny they had food vendors that were out of the ordinary, which sold unconventional festival foods, such as quinoa salads, smoothies, bean burgers, etc. to appease those who aren't meat eaters as well. Monster Energy was also on site giving away free monsters; Fruit punch, Mango and a couple other selections. Another thing that made me feel happy was the fact that someone that helped organize the festival would come out on stage almost after every single band to make sure the fans were having a great time. Be sure to come back next year to check out what new bands will be attending the festival. If anyone is also interested in volunteering for next year's event, there are plenty of jobs available to help out from security, merchandise, parking, and stage crew. iMatter will always be something worth remembering.

Around 11 AM, the bands started to play, each of the bands that played were intensely involved with the crowd, one of the first bands that I really noticed and absolutely loved was called The Anchor, The lead singer was handing off the microphone to fans for them to have a chance to scream the songs. As the day went on the fans were getting more involved with the bands, from crowd surfing to moshing hardcore. By the time the bigger bands came on Fit For A King, Wage War, Traitors, etc. The guitarist of Fit For A King decided to join the fans and crowd surf while playing their set. When I See Stars came on to play their set, the fans went crazy, the members of ISS ended up blowing up one of the amps, which made the crowd even happier because they were able to hear the song twice. The last two bands to play was Wage War & Beartooth. After I was done taking photos of Beartooth I decided to join the fun and crowd surf to my favorite song, called The Lines.