Summoning the Voodoo in New Orleans with The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience.

Voodoo Fest had its inaugural show on Halloween weekend in 1999, marking this year’s event as the 20th anniversary of the multi-day concert experience in New Orleans. The festival has typically been one that merges a number of innovative performers from various genres that have included artists like Metallica, Eminem. R.E.M., Snoop Dogg, My Chemical Romance and Deadmau5.

A shot from The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience from their website. ( )

A shot from The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience from their website. (

New Orleans is a city that has undoubtedly known for a wide number of great things. Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street, and basically the vast majority of cajun cuisine that is linked inextricably with the city. Perhaps slightly less well known to most but beloved by those in the know is The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience (or Voodoo Fest as it is lovingly known).

This year’s lineup is no exception when it comes to pushing the envelope of creative and varied artists. Featuring explosive acts like Post Malone from the world of hip hop alongside rock acts like Bring Me the Horizon and Interpol. Of course, true to its character the lineup is complete with several legendary acts including Guns N’ Roses, Beck, and Brandi Carlile.

Oliver Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon by Richard Davenport for ConcertHopper ( )

Oliver Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon by Richard Davenport for ConcertHopper (

Bishop Briggs is one of the artists that ConcertHopper is excited for. First gaining exposure for her single “Wild Horses” which appeared in an Acura ad in 2015. Thanks to some quick thinking, many fans found the song using the music app, Shazam. From there she went on to find success with another single, “River”, which was released in 2016. Since then she has shared her vocal tones with Cold War Kids on their song “So Tied Up” as well as to the soundtrack for Fifty Shades Freed with her song Never Tear Us Apart”, a cover of the INXS song.

Bishop Briggs by Jabari Jacobs for Billboard Magazine ( )

Bishop Briggs by Jabari Jacobs for Billboard Magazine (

Juxtaposed against the hip hop and rock acts comes a number of heavy hitters from the world of electornic music. Acts like Bassnectar, Rezz, and Whipped Cream are sure to get the crowd amped up. Alongside these acts are several smaller electronic acts including locals like Carmine P. Filthy, DJ Nice Rack, and Tristan Dufrene.

Tristan Dufrene from Voodoo’s website ( )

Tristan Dufrene from Voodoo’s website (

With New Orleans being a culinary city, it’s certainly no surprise that one of the big appeals to the festival is the cuisine you can find. With two separate dining experiences to choose from, it seems impossible to be disappointed. Before the festival kicks off, some lucky attendees will be able to attend Feast Under the Stars which is an elegant dining experience featuring five of “New Orleans’ best chefs” preparing a five course meal with hand picked paired wines. Once the festival kicks off, Forked Up Food Court will be the place to turn. While the food court offers what may appear to be a traditional festival food experience at first glance, if the 2018 lineup is any indication, it will be anything but. Offering everything from barbecue to Pho and of course cajun classics everyone should be chowing down on delicious eats to fuel up for the party.

Forked Up Food Court from Voodoo’s website ( )

Forked Up Food Court from Voodoo’s website (

Between the sets, Voodoo Fest all stays true to the “Arts Experience” tag in their name, offering a number of art installations across the grounds of the venue. Along with the art experience there are a number of interactive activities include a beer hall, a haunted house, and other amusement rides. There is also the Voodoo Market Place which offers a venue for craftspeople, artisans, and artists to sell their work to those interested.

Scene from the Voodoo Grounds ( )

Scene from the Voodoo Grounds (

If you are interested in attending Voodoo, you can find tickets for the even which runs from October 25th to 27th at The festival has partnered with some hotels as well for lodging choices which can be found using their link. There also a number of programs that the festival incorporates including the International Bone Marrow Registry and the Rock & Recycle Program as well as water filling stations on site.

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