10 Years of Constellations: August Burns Red, Silverstein, and Silent Planet

Thinking back on it, it’s hard to believe that Constellations came out ten years ago. It’s an absolutely monumental album from August Burns Red and when we at ConcertHopper heard that August Burns Red was going out on tour to play the album cover to cover, we were incredibly excited. Seeing Silverstein and Silent Planet added to the bill had us really thrilled. So we waited anxiously for the day to come for the tour to make its stop at The Tabernacle in Atlanta and then we buckled ourselves in for a wild night.

Starting off the evening was Silent Planet, a band which we were already familiar with having seen them on The Misery Will Find You tour with The Amity Affliction. For those less familiar, Silent Planet is a metal band with Christian themes throughout based out of Los Angeles, California. The fact that we were seeing them at The Tabernacle was not a bit of irony lost on us either. Garrett Russell, lead vocalist for the band had mentioned during the set that he was in quite a bit of pain during the performance which was noticeable only physically. The band, including Russell pulled off their set flawlessly and with the same excitement and intensity we had seen previously, including multiple trips to sing with the crowd from Russell and eventually a trip over the railing to crowd surf.

Next up to take the stage was the Candian group, Silverstein. Much like the adversity face by Silent Planet frontman Garrett Russell, Silverstein frontman Shane Told was facing some adversity of his own. He had broken his left arm recently and he had told the crowd that he had been having “a shitty time recently”. He would go on to thank the crowd for helping improve his outlook on his day and just for being there. The band then went on to play a killer set and we found it especially entertaining to watch as guitarist Josh Bradford was a many of many faces.

And then, the moment had arrived for August Burns Red to take the stage. Their logo glowing in the background, the members walked on stage to the absolute roar of the crowd. As they ripped into their first song of the set, all bets were off. The stage show had everything; there was lights, fog and then there were lasers. There was also a band putting on one hell of a performance all while thrashing through the entire Constellations album to the delight of the crowd. It seemed as though the security personnel at the show never had a dull moment once August Burns Red took to the stage because the crowd surfing carried on start to finish. That’s to say nothing of the circle pit which, like the incredible riffs from J.B.’s guitar, it was fast, frantic and non-stop all night.

The tour continues for just a few more dates before departing overseas but if you live near one of the below cities, we highly encourage you to go check it out, you will not be disappointed:

Aug. 07 — Norfolk, Va. @ Norva
Aug. 08 — Silver Spring, Md. @ Fillmore
Aug. 09 — Philadelphia, Pa. @ Fillmore
Aug. 010 — Pittsburgh, Pa. @ Roxian Theater
Aug. 11 — New York, N.Y. @ Playstation Theater

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