Busse Woods 20th Anniversary Tour: Acid King live at 529

Acid King is a doom metal / stoner rock band that formed in 1993 and calls San Francisco, California their home base. Currently, the band consists of founding member and frontwoman Lori S (vocals/guitar), Bil Bowman (drums), and Rafa Martinez (bass). Acid King has released four (4) LPs and two (2) EPs but this time around they focused on playing tracks from their 1999 classic Busse Woods while on the 20th Anniversary tour. Interesting fact about the band’s name: the band was inspired by the crimes of Ricky Kasso, who murdered his friend Gary Lauwers while under the influence of mescaline in June, 1984. Kasso was given the nickname “Acid King” due to his compulsive usage of hallucinogenic drugs by his classmates.

Since this was the 20th Anniversary Tour for their LP, Busse Woods, let’s give you some context pertaining to the album’s title. Lori took the name from a local preserve in the Ned Brown Forest Preserve located near Chicago, Illinois. Lori would frequent the area as a teen with her friends because it was a secret spot for teens to congregate after school, listen to their music loud, and sell drugs. It has been sometime since I had attended a show at 529 (East Atlanta Village), so this would be my first time since their renovation which more than doubled their occupancy. Yeah, I told you it had been a long time since my last show at 529. And joining Acid King on this special tour as opening support are the bands; Wizard Rifle and Warish.

Acid King’s Busse Woods track listing

1.       Electric Machine

2.       Silent Circle

3.       Drive Fast, Take Chances

4.       39 Lashes (cover from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Jesus Christ Superstar)

5.       Carve the 5

6.       Busse Woods

7.       Motorhead (Hawkwind cover)*

8.       Not Fragile (Bachman Turner Overdrive cover)*

*Reissue bonus tracks

Never heard any of Acid King? No worries, simply check out their Official Soundcloud page today and rock out! Also follow this link to check out Acid King’s remaining tour dates and make the journey to witness them perform. Trust me you will not be disappointed if you are a fan of this genre of music.  Now let’s talk about the two incredible bands that opened up for Acid King. Wizard Rifle is a doom metal/psychedelic rock band that hails from Portland, Oregon. The band consists of Sam Ford (drums/vocals) and Max Dameron (guitar/vocals). Trust me when I say that two people is all you need and you will understand once you listen to Wizard Rifle perform live (or even recorded). Wizard Rifle has released four (4) LPs with the self-titled Wizard Rifle being their latest release. You can check out Wizard Rifle today by following this link to their Official Bandcamp page today.

The Southern California trio Warish (sludge/punk) considers themselves “low-budget horror rock” and consists of Riley Hawk (vocals/guitar) and Bruce McDonnell (drums). Warish is signed to Riding Easy Records and has released a 7” – Warish and one (1) LP entitled Down in Flames which was released in 2019. For this tour, the band enlisted the aid of a musician named Alex to play bass while on this tour. At the time of publication, his last name was not available for print so the mystery will remain. By the way, Riley is the son of famed skateboarding legend Tony Hawk but do not let that sway your judgement on how bad ass this band is live. Head over to their Official Bandcamp page today and check them out!

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