The Brainiacs Return to Suwannee

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Brainquilty Music Festival is coming up on is third official year of funky good fun and they will be bringing this year to life with some expansions to the festival. Brainquility Music festival held its inaugural year in Safety Harbor, Florida back in 2018. Since then, the festival has moved to Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Live, Oak Florida and expanded to a full three day Music and Arts Festival. The festival will officially be laying down its roots and calling Spirit of Suwannee Music Park its home. Curators at Brainquility have picked one of the most picturesque music parks in the nation to call their home and also one of the most vetted for hosting Music and Arts Festivals. Spirit of Suwannee Music Park has hosted infamous festivals such as the annual Suwannee Hulaween, Purple Hatters Ball, Bear Creek, Aura, and Wanee Festival. Brainquility calling Spirit of Suwannee Music park its home allows attendees to enjoy an immersive experience with a large scale festival production that has an intimate vibe.

Besides the absolutely stacked lineup for the 2020 return, Brainiacs have the opportunity to relax and adventure around Spirit of Suwannee Music Park all weekend. Attendees can adventure throughout the park and soak in all the interactive art installations throughout the park, learn the art of glass blowing, practice yoga or even learn how to paint in one of the countless workshops available on site. If relaxation isn’t your cup of tea and you’re looking for something a little more athletic, you can play disc golf against some of the artists performing at the festival! There are so many hidden treasures tucked away within the trees at the park and it is encouraged to wander throughout the park both during the day and at night. The park takes on a whole new, indescribable beauty once the sun sets and the bats scatter throughout the sky.

Curators for Brainquility has orchestrated one of the funkiest lineups to grace Spirit of Suwannee Music Park for many years. The Brainquility 2020 lineup will be headlined by The Floozies with undercard acts Sunsquabi, Russ Liquid, two sets of Chachuba, Maddy O’neal, and Side Trakd. Russ Liquid, Chachuba, and Side Trakd all brought the house down in 2019 and so they will be returning for the 2020 festival. It should be noted that curators of Brainquility Music Festival put so much emphasis on all attendees being able to equally enjoy all aspects of the experience that no set times overlap during the weekend. This allows all attendees the opportunity to float between stages, workshops, and other activities throughout the park without feeling rushed around the entire weekend. The lineup touches on almost all categories of funk music with The Floozies bringing some electro funk vibes, Maddy O’Neal bringing electronic dance tunes, Chachuba coming in hot with some electro-jazz fusion, and Defunk bringing…well, the funk! The Brainquility 2020 lineup is stacked with some of the most talented up and coming artists in the festival scene and this is a weekend of raw talent that you will not want to miss.

Brainquility Music Festival 2020 tickets are on sale now and available through the official Festival Ticketing website. Brainquility 2020 General Admission passes are available for $165 plus servicing fees. These tickets include general admission to the festival and accessing to camping at Spirit of Suwannee Music Park for the weekend. If you want to drive your car in and camp next to your car, you will need to add the Car Camping Pass for $10. RV passes and Trail passes for Golf Carts are also available as an add-on to your ticket. For those people who call Spirit of Suwannee Music Park home, you may want to arrive a day - or three - early and lay your claim on one of the primo camping areas within the park. To do this, you will need to tack on one of the Early Arrival passes that can be found on the Add-On page for ticketing. If camping just isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it - just download HotelTonight and snag a last minute hotel room for up to 50% off. Tack on the code KADMARTIN101 for extra savings. For those who may stay at a hotel near the venue and find yourself in need of a ride at the end of the night, download Lyft and use the promo code KADE75019 for $5 off your first ride. Or, try Uber with the promo code KADEM69UE for $5 off. Don’t let Brainquility sneak up on you - 2020 is right around the corner! Go ahead and reserve your spot at Brainquility Music Festival 2020. As always, stay hydrated, if you see something then say something, and we hope to see you at Brainquility 2020!