Real Friends release 'Composure' and Tour Dates


Real Friends, a pop-punk band from Tinley Park, Illinois, has released their third studio album titled Composure and they are now touring with a lineup of artists to put you in your emo feels. Real Friends began their journey through the pop-punk music scene in 2010 and struggled to find their sound at first but quickly found their home once they signed to Fearless Records in 2013. The band has released a total of six EPs and three studio albums within the past eight years and they have earned their way onto playlists of punk kids around the world. The band released their very first full length studio produced album in 2014 titled Maybe This Place is the Same and We’re Just Changing and quickly jumped on the Vans Warped Tour to promote the album. From there, the rest was history.

Since the release of their first album, Real Friends has earned their way into the hearts of pop-punk kids around the world as they have been featured on multiple Vans Warped Tour lineups over the years including the memorable Farewell Tour in 2018. Their first album peaked at #24 on the Billboard charts, while the single “Colder Quicker” peaked at #1 in everyone’s pop-punk playlists in 2014. The band’s involvement in the Vans Warped tour along with their catchy melodic riffs cultivated their fan base rather quickly and has set them up for a bright future in the pop-punk music scene. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear these guys in a Top 40’s alternative playlist very soon.


Their latest album Composure debuted in July of 2018 and it is quickly gaining rave reviews with its punchy verses and melodic overtones. Their singleFrom the Outside quickly gained over one million views on Youtube as it was the first little teaser of the album. The band is proving that they have worked harder than they ever have with this album as it is a punk masterpiece from start to finish. They were able to work with producer Mike Green to nail down some catchy, pop-punk hooks that radiate vibes from Jimmy Eat World or Taking Back Sunday. In true pop-punk fashion, the band has booked a full fall tour to promote the release of their brand new album.

Real Friends has kicked off their fall in the USA 2018 tour in Kansas on October 17 and they will continue through until November 25 ending in Chicago, Illinois . The band will make their way throughout the mid-west and then across the East Coast, stopping in places like Atlanta, Georgia at the Masquerade. Tickets for the show at the Masquerade are on sale now for just $22 and the show features Real Friends, Grayscale, Boston Manor, and Eat Your Heart Out. Head over to the Real Friends’ website to grab your copy of their latest album and catch them on tour this fall for a moshing good time.

Real Friends 'fall in the USA 2018’ Tour Poster

Real Friends 'fall in the USA 2018’ Tour Poster