Yob / Voivod / Amenra: Live at The Masquerade


This year has already produced some pretty monstrous rock/metal tours like Peace Across the Wasteland: Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, Graveyard, and Twin Temple, Failure & Swervedriver, & Weedeater, ASG, Toke & Behitthemeans to just name a few that have been through Atlanta already. We have some major tours still to come play Atlanta and you know Concerthopper will be there. You can follow the links to check out Concerthopper’s coverage of each of the aforementioned shows. Speaking of a major tour, Yob / Voivod / Amenra just came through and played The Masquerade to a nearly sold out crowd. You may be familiar with Yob from my previous coverage of Yob / Bell Witch / Lazer Wulf: Live at The Earl.  

Yob is a doom metal band from Eugene, Oregon that consists of: Mike Scheidt (guitar/vocals), Aaron Rieseberg (bass), and Travis Foster (drums). The band has released eight (8) LPs with Our Raw Heart being the newest release from 2018. To me, every single album is impeccable and should be heard at least once if you’re a fan of the metal genre. Yob is, and has been, one of my favorite metal bands since the release of Catharsis in 2003. I really love the transcendental, out of body experience that Yob places the listener in with songs like “The Great Cessation”, “Aeons”, “Marrow", and “Kosmos".  And yes, Yob played “Marrow” to end the night, which as you can guess, they destroyed it. So take a look at Yob’s set list from April 10th, 2019 (The Masquerade) below:

Set list:

1.       Prepare the Ground

2.       Ablaze

3.       The Lie That Is Sin

4.       Our Raw Heart

5.       Grasping Air

6.       Atma

7.       Marrow

Follow this link to check out all the tour dates for Yob. Follow this link to Yob’s Official Soundcloud page so you can hear them for yourself. Mike was diagnosed with acute diverticulitis in November 2016 and had a long road to recover from this debilitating disease. Check out Mike’s Noisey essay detailing his near death experience for more information.

Voivod is a Canadian heavy metal band from Jonquiere, Quebec and consists of Denis “Snake” Belanger (vocals), Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain (guitar), Dominique “Rocky” Laroche (bass), and Michel “Away” Langevin (drums). The band has had fourteen (14) LPs since their debut, War and Pain (1984), and have evolved over the years, as has their sound. In the beginning, they had elements of speed metal, but then added a mixture of alternative, progressive, and thrash metal to create their own distinctive metal style. Feast your eyes on Voivod’s all-encompassing set list for April 10th, 2019 (The Masquerade) below:

Set list:

1.       Post Society                       

2.       Ravenous Medicine

3.       Obsolete Beings

4.       Psychic Vacuum

5.       Into My Hypercube

6.       Iconspiracy

7.       The Prow

8.       Overreaction

9.       Fall

10.   Lost Machine

11.   Voivod

 Follow this link to check out all the tour dates for Voivod. Follow this link to Voivod’s Official Soundcloud page and give them a listen.

Amenra is a Belgian post-metal / sludge / doom metal band that was formed in 1999 by Colin H. van Eeckhout (vocals) and Mathieu Vandekerckhove (guitar). Add Bjorn Lebon (drums), Lennart Bossu (guitar), and Levy Seynaeve (bass) and you can round out the current touring lineup for Amenra. They have released six (6) LPs, two (2) EPs, three (3) live albums, one (1) book (yeah they have released a book entitled, “Church of Ra”), five (5) DVDs, and have been involved with twelve (12) Splits. Amenra has a devoted fan base that travels well for their shows and this night was no different. You could really feel the passion and love that the fans had for this band from the start of their set. If you’re curious about them and their cult following, check out this Revolver interview "Rituals of Doom: Inside Amenra's Singular Vision of Religion, Modern Society" done by Mike Hill (founding vocalist/guitarist of Tombs). Amenra played the following five (5) song set list as the opening band on April 10th, 2019 (The Masquerade):

Set list:

1.       Boden

2.       Razoreater

3.       Plus pres de toi (Closer to You)

4.       Am Kreuz

5.       Diaken

 Follow this link to check out all the tour dates for Amenra. Follow this link to Amenra’s Official Soundcloud page and experience them for the first time.

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