Listen to Your Mama - When She Tells You to Go to Bonnaroo

I didn’t even think to include anything about Mother’s Day on here. Until this morning I dreamed I was writing about how Bonnaroo was mom’s idea. So I woke up and rolled right up to computer and started typing. 
Bonnaroo was in fact, my mom’s idea. I remember the first time I heard about Bonnaroo like it was yesterday. My mom was watching a local news station one evening in June of 2006 and they had a segment about a music festival that had just happened in Manchester, Tennessee. She told me I should come watch it. I remember they were talking to some guys who were saying even though they lived in Manchester they had never thought to attend the festival until that year. My mom was the one to say, “you should go” during or right after the segment. Then we talked about it would be a neat high school graduation trip.  I assume I went and googled it after our conversation or ate dinner. In my memory of this event she’s cooking while I’m watching the news. 
Fast forward to February 2007 our internet went out on tickets sale day shortly before noon. My mom called and told Charter they had to fix it immediately, because I had to get my Bonnaroo tickets. That worked somehow. Crisis evaded and I was actually able to score three tickets at the second tier price.
My mama’s name is Roxanne. 2007 was the year The Police headlined. No, she doesn’t “put on the red light”, but I thought it was a coincidence worth mentioning. 
If it wasn’t for my mama, who knows when my love for Bonnaroo would have started and if I ever would have nabbed second tier priced tickets. 
Happy Day to all the Moms!