Are You Ready to Roo?

Thirty days until our beloved Bonnaroo! This time next month we’ll be dancing in the Tennessee sun to beautiful music with our festy besties. Are you ready?! It’s just 30 days away. Yes, this is the festival to-do list I keep rehashing, but all listed tasks are really important. So it bears repeating. 
  • Listen to every artist on the line up thoroughly

It’s always fun to sing along. Also I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen in love with a band after missing them at Bonnaroo.

  • Start walking/running now

You’re going to be walking a lot more than usual. I mean a lot more The Festival Guy, Tucker Gumber said he walked/danced a total of 60 miles while at Coachella. Start walking more each day now so your body is use to it and you’re able to stay awake for the late night sets.
  • Drink water now

Summer festivals are hot. Make sure you're good and hydrated before hitting festival grounds. Besides it helps to prepare your bladder.
  • Start gathering your gear, supplies, clothes, etc.

Get yo’ shit together. Figure out whom in your crew is bringing what.  List what you need to bring. Gather what you already have, see what you can borrow, buy what you need. 
  • Get your crew together

Start planning with your peeps. Have line up listening parties. Walk or run together.
  • Follow the festival on Social Media 

"Like" the festival’s fan page such as Forever Bonnaroo,, Festival Snob, Bonnaroo Chris.
  • Make your Schedule and WRITE IT DOWN

Do not rely on the phone apps to work at any festival and those schedules in the handbooks are kinda a pain in the ass to read. List the bands you want to see (and what stage they'll be at) in order by time.
  • See the bands on lineup if they come to your town

Trust me you’re not going to able to see every band you want, because of scheduling conflicts. So if you have an opportunity to see them before or shortly after, take it
  • Save your money
Get the money. Dollar, dollar bill, y’all.