Guest Post: I Didn’t Get It and That’s Ok - Donny Aird

I have always been a person who could find the positive in any live show.  It was like a badge of honor.  When others were walking out angry, I was walking out with a smile on my face because I spent another night with my friend named Live Music.  I can no longer wear that badge of honor because I finally went to a show that didn’t leave me with a smile on my face.
That night I stepped up to the box office and claimed my free tickets.  I told my friend that free tickets always make the show better.  I would later put those words into a bowl and eat them.  We walked into the venue and found some decent seats.  Everything was great until the band took the stage and the music hit my ears.  I’m sure you are wondering which band caused me to want to cover my ears and run away.  The band is Dream Theater.

The band was playing their hearts out and nothing they did worked for me.  The singer was belting out notes and I couldn’t understand why others had told me he could sing.  I looked around the venue and people were freaking out with excitement.  Some in attendance were singing along, some were air drumming, and a whole bunch were playing air guitar. I sat there wanting to leave.

Why wasn’t I able to understand why people liked this band? What about this band caused me to totally lose my smile and beg my friend to leave early?  I will never know and I really don’t want to know.  It hit me on the way home that I was able to see people acting and feeling as happy as I do when I’m at a show and that made everything better. 

Donny is enjoying a concert or daydreaming about Bonnaroo at this very moment while you read this. If you would like to write for please shoot me an email via the Contact Me page. -Taryn